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Tuesday Thrift ... Furniture Before and Afters

(One Room Challenge 10/13 accent chair)

I looove a good thrift before and after.  It's an instant face lift for a tired piece of furniture!  Paint is a magical thing that can take that inexpensive piece you scored into an amazing priceless find!!  

My bamboo chair before ... 

During spray paint face lift ... 

The only transformations I have completed, so far, required a can (or many) of spray paint and a trip to the upholsterer for a fabric upgrade!  Each time I am worried about the outcome and think this may be the one time I regret my decision ... and yet it is always so much better than I imagine!

Bamboo chair after!

I have completed many a painted light fixture project ... and each one has made me happier than the last!

(One Room Challenge chandelier which began as a black candlier and was wired for the makeover)

(One Room Challenge bamboo chandelier which was originally black before its date
 with a can of lacquer red spray paint)

My current One Room Challenge has provided me with plenty of opportunity to transform Good Will standard issue black outdoor chairs into something personal and fabulous!!

(Rustoleum Navy Gloss is my new best friend or my biggest enemy ... 
depending on the day you ask me)

I am scouting the shops for a campaign style desk for our office.  I would love to use this amazing kelly green and transform it into a showstopping piece for the room.  Fingers crossed I will find one soon!

I scored this exact table at Good Will a month or so ago and have been hunting just the place in the house.  After seeing it painted and styled in a bedroom I know just where to place it!  

(via my Iphone)

Once I decide on the perfect color it will live next to MHM's adorable bed!  And I love how they used art to make it appear taller.  Yes, I will be stealing that idea STAT!

We have a similar dresser in our master to the one above, minus the amazing bamboo details.  I am dying to lacquer it turquoise and shine up the brass accents.  Our master bedroom is chocolate brown so the dresser in its current wood state is very bland.  This turquoise will make it stand up and take attendance!! 

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest ... all amazing before and afters!!

And probably my favorite ... 

How fun would these be styled on a table or a bar cart?  

Love, love, love all the ideas.  A fresh coat of spray paint can make your new found treasure absolutely outstanding.  I am working on colors for my side table and still hunting the campaign desk.  

I will keep you posted!!

Happy hunting!



  1. I'm in love. A sucker for anything faux bamboo, I am seriously dying over the gold chair and the table that is yet to be spray painted!!! can't wait to see it all dolled up!!

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