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Let's Talk Dirt

Tuesday's around the blog are usually reserved for thrifting...since my girl Paige left me for warmer weather,  I decided to mix things up a bit.

I'm Maggi, Paige's dirt loving friend.  I also love wearing overalls, baseball hats & have no problem with dirt under my fingernails.  

Let's talk dirt..better yet, let's talk rebirth.  What I love about spring is the rebirth of all God's creations.

For example, my hosta garden.  This is what it looks like today.  Emerging it's way back from the earth...

In a few short weeks, my hosta garden will look like this.

Or my hydrangea,  which I completely did not cut back after last summer & looks really bad right now.

 But come summer, my hydrangea will be full & producing blooms like crazy.

But what I'm most excited for...cukes & maters from my own garden

Right now the romaine & sweet peas are taking off, just can't wait to plant the rest of the veggies.

Paige hope you had a restful time at the beach & don't worry, I won't high jack your blog too often to talk dirt.

I love my sweet Maggi!!  She is amazing!  She is an event planner by day and a dirt girl through and through.  She is my go to source for keeping anything green alive.  Who else would I call Pike Nursery asks me, time and time again, if I want to be part of their I LOVE DIRT club.  Ha ha ha ... not thanks ... I hate dirt!  

Maggi ... I love that you encourage my children to buy and grow their own flowers and vegetables.  I have never seen two more excited children when their tomato plants actually had fruit.  And thank you for telling me that I had the tomato stakes in upside down.  They did work better when I flipped them over but they looked so much better the way I had them!  Just saying ... 

I love your zest for life, your fierce love of the Lord and your unending love for me!  Thank you for being an amazing friend!!



  1. What a great post! I enjoyed seeing the "right now" and "what is to come" pics, Maggi! Happy Spring!

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