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Inspiration du jour .... Dixie Delights garage makeover

I am addicted to organization.  I absolutely love to organize and it brings me great peace.  A tidy space with everything labeled is my love language.  Lawyer swears I am Monica Geller from friends.  I say ... OMG, thank you for the compliment.  

One of my sweet blog friends has a garage that has me both drooling and planning my own garage makeover!!!  If you aren't familiar with Amanda from Dixie Delights then you are in for a treat.  Her house is amazing and has the best color flow.  When you read her blog make sure you take the home tour.  And I would set aside some time to take it all in.  A big cup of coffee or a glass of wine is required.  Every single room is stunning.  You can thank me later!!

Today I am sharing her garage makeover!!!!  And it's nothing short of fantastic!!!!


The overview of the built ins.  I will give you a minute to soak it all in.  Those colors and that amazing door!!!  You will want to take notes.


Her eye for detail is what I adore most!!

May 2013 471 copy

I love how all her stuff looks so tidy and neat in the lockers her husband built.  The tops are plain cabinets from Home Depot and the rest was designed by Amanda and her handy hubs.  The key I am learning is to decide how much you will need to store and then design your cabinets around your needs.

August 2013 392 copy

This is genius.  Towels and suits drying outside.  I'm making my need to have list.

May 2013 479 copy

May 2013 483 copy

The paneling in the back of the lockers is to die for.  For me it makes the whole look come together.   I also adore how each activity has it's own locker.  This feeds my OCD perfectly!

May 2013 485 copy

The left side of the garage houses their yard needs and coolers, grills, etc.  I love the way that even her pre made storage fits her theme perfectly.

July 2013 188 copy

Her garage in person is just as good in pictures I assure you.  Those doors, those lights, the seating area ... I just swoon!!  I love the front of our house, minus the spring needs, but our garage doors and the inside of the garage make me cringe!!  I have a master to do list and the garage makeover is planned for Mothers Day and the weekends after.  In my opinion there is no better gift for a girl with a love of organization than a tidy garage.  I have a list of honey and kid dos planned for Mother's Day.  I know they will be THRILLED to hear the news.

Hee.  Hee.

Thank you Amanda for letting me feature your AMAZING garage.  You have inspired me more than I can share!!!!


(Please note ... I blogged this entry on the way to the beach and the strange icons that appear are not in my draft copy.  I do find it ironic that they appear in a blog post where I discuss OCD because you can believe they are making me CRAZY!!!!)


  1. Amazing. My garage is a junk shop.

  2. It feels so good to be organized, and just looking at this pretty garage is a start! Now, on to conquer my own . . .

  3. Have loved this garage post since she first put it up on her blog. I love your mother's day idea…going to get my kids and hubs in to action!

  4. Where is all the dust and dirt? All of that cute stuff in my garage would never be clean, I would constantly be wiping it clean unless you never open the garage door

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  6. That is so great. I love how you have organized it. I have been fighting my garage for many decades now and have tried multiple storage solutions. Perhaps I will give this one a go and see if it will keep me organized. It looks like it could work if I just go through and organize it really well once.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

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