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Tuesday Thrift ... Brass is BACK!!!

(via Pinterest)

Yes peeps, its true.  Brass has made a huge comeback.  Remember all that time and energy we spent ridding our lives of the 1980's brass.  Now we are spending that same time and energy (and money) adding it to our 2014 homes!

(via Pinterest and Sarah Richardson)

Brass has made a huge comeback in all areas.  Beds, hardware, lighting, accessories, furniture, faucets ... you name it.  And instead of feeling old and out of date ... it feels established and rich.  I absolutely love brass and collecting it recently has been so much fun.  

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But ... I wasn't always a fan.  Not too long ago I remember being with Lance and having him thrift a huge pile of brass.  I looked at his treasures and said ... really?  brass?  I am definitely eating those words now as I am adding touches of brass all over our house.  My new found love affair started with a bamboo brass tray.  Then it grew with the addition of a pair of brass swan planters.  Then a candlestick or two.  Now its down right embarrassing.  Trays, swans, candlesticks, more swans, planters, boxes, lamps, fireplace screen, oh my!  I may need a support group for brass hoarders!

Hello.  My name is Paige.  I am addicted to all things brass!

(via Pinterest and

I mean ... look at how rich and fresh the brass is in this photo.  The frames, the vase and that lamp.  I would trip someone over that lamp!!!

(via Pinterest and

This is a brass planter turned into a pendant lamp.  Brilliant, pure brilliance!


And the brass bar cart.  I die!  Every single time.  There is nothing more regal than a bar cart.  Styled to the hills and ready for a party.  Fabulous, just fabulous!!

(via Etsy)

Bamboo and brass??  I mean how fabulous would this be in your den stocked and ready for your next soiree?

Lucky for all us brassaholics ... it can be thrifted for mere dollars.  There is plenty of brass to be scored at your local thrift stores and Goodwills.  Most of the accessories I have located and added to our house have been at thrift stores.  Etsy is another great source where bamboo brass trays are in plentiful supply!!  And when all else fails ... search your mother's house.  Those brass duck bookends she has had in the library for years?  They surely need to be upgraded to your newly styled bookcases!

I am just saying ...



  1. I resisted the pressure to replace my old '80's brass light switch and outlet I'm in style again, for a few months anyway!

  2. I am in the same boat. I guess its because I am old enough to remember the 70s and 80s well and the years spent turning my nose up at mid century stuff and then brass.

  3. I love everything you put up. I am such a fan of brass. I really love the light piece that was a planter and turned into a lamp. I had no clue it was originally a planter. I think my house is mainly brass now. It is just stone, wood and bass. Even the nails have brass heads on them.

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals



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