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Inspiration du jour ... MY CURRENT FAVES

Happy Monday!!!

Instead of my typical one topic as Inspiration du jour this Monday I have a list of favorites for you!!  I will blog on this topic on an occasional basis, during times when I feel inspired by many things and not just one.  When one thing isn't overwhelming me and pushing me in one direction or another.  Today is just one of those days.  I am working on my One Room Challenge and find myself finding inspiration in many places as I am working on the ORC.  

Without further ado ...

(via Pinterest)

1.  As part of my organized garage plan I decided to paint the door coming into the house green!!  I would love to paint our front door this amazing green color, but I have not be able to gain approval from our home owner's association.  They love the coordinated "forest" look and a bright green door doesn't meet their needs.  So this green door in our garage will happily meet mine! Thank you Pinterest for inspiring me to find a door and providing me with perfect green to make it happen!  xo  


2.  I spotted this on Pinterest and then read the amazing post that is linked to it from The Nester.  She is releasing her first book, The Nesting Place, and I can not wait to read it.  I love the nester and I love her philosophy of "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful".  I love her idea of loving the space you have and making it work for you.  Don't wait for a bigger house, better tile, a different house on a different street ... make this one work for you.  Be happy where you are.  Love the home you're with!

(via Pinterest)

3.  Easter is right around the corner.  Like ... it is sneaking up just waiting to blind side me.  I was pinning this morning trying to get prepared for a busy weekend.  My children are not small any more but still love to dye eggs, hunt for them for hours and completely enjoy our after church brunch on Sunday.  Since the kids were little we have always had bunny Saturday and Easter Sunday.  We spend the day on Saturday focused on all things bunny and egg like so that Sunday is spent doing nothing other than focused on our risen Savior!  The kids love it and it works for us!!

(via Pinterest)

Along with our Easter celebrating this weekend we have two birthdays from last week we need to celebrate!  That means grilling out and people over.  How cute are these carrots cheese sticks??  That says Easter weekend and party happening!  Just need a few more of these fun pins and some wine and I will be ready to celebrate!!

(via Pinterest)

4.  Love this snack idea I found on Pinterest!!  I am back on the clean eating plan after a few months of only be able to eat a few things.  I have been battling illness for a few months and I am convinced that my diet might be feeding into my GI issues.  It isn't the cause of the problems I am having in my upper GI area but less sugar, dairy and gluten will definitely make a icky situation better.  And if nothing more ... I should feel better about my body!!  I have lost weight in the last months but an influx of steroids has made me feel puffy at times.  Since the steroids aren't going any where any time soon ... I need plan B!!  

5.  My custom monogram arrives via email this week and I am over the moon excited!!!  I can not wait to have it embroidered on napkins, hand towels and pillows for my porch.  This is more exciting than Christmas morning to me!!!  I worked with Courtland at NUMBER FOUR ELEVEN while we were on Spring Break in Tybee Island.  She was wonderful and so helpful in helping me decided how I wanted my custom monogram to look and feel!  Since I have an addiction mad passion for all things monogrammed this is so fun and exciting to me.  I will be using something created for me from a vintage monogram and I will be able to use it on all my monogramming wish lists!  Paper, vinyl, embroidery ... you name it!!  Can you tell I am a little antsy??

Hope your Monday is divine!  I will be adding an extra cup of joe to my to do list.  The long girls weekend has me suffering from a case of the re-entries!!


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