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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #ORCcrunchday

It's crunch time.  Serious focus required.  Like Venti with an extra shot focus!

The last few things on the punch list for tomorrow's reveal are in full swing.  I am downing back to back unsweet teas and living off my favorite go to snack mix!  I need to switch to water ... but I will wait until mid afternoon!!!

On busy days it's best to have a drink and snack plan!  If I don't plan then the whole eating and drinking falls to the wayside.   I always start with my regular cup of coffee and then after carpool I switch to a Large unsweet tea (with extra ice from McDonalds).  Mid morning snack includes a Skinny Girl protein bar and a banana.  Lunch includes whatever I can eat on the run, most times a protein box and a bottle of water from Starbucks.  After lunch snack includes my favorite snack mix.  Unsalted nuts (almonds and walnuts), goldfish crackers, craisins, sesame sticks and sometimes I add golden raisins.  It is the perfect mix of salty and sweet for me!  When Lawyer makes it for us he puts it in little snack bags in the pantry.  Super helpful!!  xo

If its a beyond busy day my go to snack on the run is a Snickers bar.  When I did Weight Watchers after the middle child was born my coach told me it was the best in a pinch snack.  The protein in the nuts was good and it was better than most grab and go at the gas station snacks.  I still use this.  If I don't eat enough protein I get headaches.  This trick has always worked to keep those at bay.

Today is a busy day ... but luckily not a beyond busy one! 

The list ..

Pick up completed sofa ... It is OFF THE CHAIN FAB!!!
Pick up monogrammed pillows!
Blow off deck and sweep porch one more time!
Set table
Finish etagere
Spray paint Greek key pieces from O'verlays
Plant last boxwood topiary
Plant creeping Jenny
Paint thrifted candle sticks
Photograph final product

I'm soooo excited to show you the final result.  Both Lawyer and I are really happy with the final result.  It's time to plan a soiree and enjoy our new living space!!!

See you tomorrow!!


ps.  Thank you to all who entered the Emily McCarthy inspired giveaway!!  The winner has been contacted via email!!

xoxo, paige

1 comment:

  1. So excited to see your reveal!!!! and I'm also excited to win the Emily McCarthy giveaway! Thank you!! I am in the process of redoing my porch as well, so I'm gleaning many ideas form you!! Thank you for opening your home to your readers! xo, Emily



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