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Inspiration du jour ... #blueandwhite

Happy Monday!  I am linking up to The Pink Pagoda's May Blue and White Bash this morning to share some of my favorite elements from my current porch renovation.  I absolutely adore Jennifer and her amazing talent.  I have been so thrilled to use Jennifer's art in both of the spaces I transformed for the ORC.  I am thrilled to show you how her art was used on Thursday!  It's ah-MAZING!!!!
The porch transformation was inspired by two things, a fabric and a photo!

(via my Iphone)

I immediately fell madly in love with this fabulous fabric and bought all they had not knowing how or where I would use it.

And this photo of an outdoor space created by the amazing Mary McDonald.  I loved the blue and white, the green and all the natural elements.  I pinned the picture and set it aside for future reference.  

Then Linda at Calling it Home announced a linking participation for the spring One Room Challenge and an idea was created!!!

I knew I wanted tons of blue and white in the new porch design.  The more the better.  And I loved how Mary mixed white furniture with bamboo.  This also became a necessity.  And greenery, lots of greenery.  I would need to find my green thumb!  (Still working on that one) 

This would be the perfect time to achieve the pale blue ceiling I had dreamed of for years!  The excitement and the list began to build!

(via my Iphone)

For me one of the best things about the new porch is all the blue and white pottery.  I have small ones for herbs, large ones for hydrangeas and bunches gathered together on the sideboard.  I love mixing the blue and white with ferns, herbs and bright colored flowering plants.  

After we replace our fence I am focusing on the side yard.  I have this picture saved for that exact purpose.  I want it planted with blue hydrangeas and shorter white flowering plants.  I envision as they grow being able to walk out and snip some for the house!  EEK ... that will be amazing!!

Doesn't this picture just say it all?  The only thing missing is me, some big shades and a refreshing drink!!

(via my Iphone)

To compliment the Chinoiserie fabric I chose this navy and white stripe.  It really turned out better than I could have imagined!  I love the chairs now ... so timeless and so fresh!!

(via my Iphone)


I have a small punch list to finish this week before the big reveal on Thursday!  I am so excited to show you all the changes and the final result!!

See you then!  

Take your coffee and enjoy all the other amazing links at the Blue and White Bash!!!  Treat yourself this fabulous Cinco de Mayo!!

(Unless specified ... all pictures were sourced from my Pinterest boards, both the Blue and White Love and the Porch Makeover)



  1. Loving the pillow fabric! It's definitely a classic.

  2. I would love to share some of my HUGE, Gorgeous, old fashion, white shasta daisies. They multiply like crazy, so I share them with anyone who would like them. Message me your address and I will pop some in the mail! They bloom in June, July here in Oklahoma. Then I cut them back and they bloom again in Sept, Oct. They would be perfect with your hydrangeas! Loving your blog! xo, Emily

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to see your blue and white patio on Thursday!!! Up next on my never ending list of projects is to create a blue and white patio as well, and I'm using many of the same inspiration images! I love the fabrics you selected!! It is going to be GORGEOUS!!

    The Glam Pad

  4. Your inspiration is just genius! I love how the fabrics look together and can't wait to see the big reveal Thursday! :)

  5. I can't wait to see it! Love the blue & white pieces you found thrifting!

  6. I just love that porch! I can so see myself lounging on it! Great thrift finds too--don't you just love inexpensive finds!!?

  7. this is wonderful! i can't wait to see the final reveal...there is just nothing like a big porch to relax & watch the world go by.

  8. p.s. the blue & white inspiration fabric is maybe the best blue & white fabric i've ever seen. i absolutely love it! (and i love the fact that you bought it out before you knew what you'd do with it...i would so do that)! ;-)



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