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Tueday Thrift ... #theporch

Thank you soo much for all the amazing comments on the completed porch.  Its so fun to read each and every one of your comments.  I am so excited that you love it as much as we do.  I still walk by the door going outside and my heart skips a beat.  It's way more than I envisioned in my head.  

I have so many favorite elements on the porch and way high up on that list is all the items I found while thrifting!!  Not only did I accessorize it for a song, but the hunt was so much fun!! 

That HUGE mirror I found at Goodwill ... for $20.  Beveled, heavy as h#$% and absolutely perfect for where I needed it to hang.  I may have skipped out of the big G that day!  A good coat of navy high gloss (left over from the guest room ORC) and two coats of high gloss clear and it was PERFECT.

This chair ... $30 at a junk shop.  I loved it in rattan, I adore it in white!  The custom cushion and its new friend the green Greek key pillow makes it for me.  That fern stand next to it ... umm $10 and all I did to that baby was stick a fern in it.  The day I found it and the set of white wicker stools was like winning the lottery for me.  I loved the details on all three pieces.  And my total for vintage wicker happiness ... less than $30.  SCORE!!

All the vintage Blue Willow plates I scored while thrifting in Savannah.  And they set me back a total of $2 each.  Yep, basically stole them.

This rattan coffee table was another great day.  I spotted it and walked away.  Not once, but twice.  And then I texted Lance a photo of the table and asked him what he thought about it.  Not only did he insist I go purchase it ... he picked me up and sprung for the Starbucks on the way.  I wiped it down, cleaned the glass and it was ready to go.  Goodwill ... $24

Truly all the blue and white porcelain makes the porch.  I needed so much of it to make it work.  I must have made seven runs looking for pieces.  And every single time I bought no less than five pieces.  I swear I have so much blue and white I could hang an awning on my basement side door and call myself a boutique.  I used 22 pieces on the porch and deck, six in the dining room on top of the buffet, and I still have a small stash.  Blue and white just goes with everything.  The best part about thrifting the porcelain is the price.  All purchased at Goodwill and thrift stores and not one piece over $10.  I could not have made the impact happen any other way.

This brass swan is so special to me.  I love brass and I collect swans.  This was a gift from my dear friend Lance.  He found it while shopping for clients and brought it over the evening before the ASO gala.  Some Brasso (ok, a lot of Brasso), a tiny fern and she is stunning.  Another heavy as h#$% piece, this one is just so special.  Her tail feathers are by far the best part of her.

The bar cart is styled with most thrifted items.  The gold ice bucket, Goodwill $2, the mason jars, Goodwill $2 each, the green painted brass tray, thrift store $8, rattan bottle holder, Goodwill $2.  I love how they all work together.  Friends from different places meant to be besties.  Ahh ... 

Of course ... thrifted pieces need lots of love, 

massive amounts of spray paint, silver polish and Brasso,

Windex and vision, 

patience and large shopping carts, 

But they are worth it. 




And my porch wouldn't be the same without all the thrifted items!!


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  1. You're a girl after my own heart! Love all the thrifted pieces that make your makeover fabulous.
    Thanks for sharing this post, keeping it real.


  2. :) Love all the thrifted blue and white and we may meet up one day at the big G racing for the rattan items because those make my heart sing!! Your porch is dreamy!!!



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