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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #drinkaccessories

(via Pinterest)

I am in the middle of a million and one projects all with one goal at the end.  My sister in law and I are hosting a bridesmaid luncheon at my house in early August.  We all have a house punch list ... and I am working to finally finish mine.  All those little projects are getting crossed off the list and I will say as the list gets shorter I am getting more and more excited!  Life is too short to have long to do lists!!

(via Pinterest)

As I am crossing things off my list I am getting more and more and more excited to host this party.  And honestly, for summer in general.  I am taking the summer off.  No volunteer projects, no to do lists, no have to be anywhere days, just the kids, me and swim team.  With my daughter there is no avoiding swim team! 


I have so many fun ideas I want to use for this shin dig and yesterday I found some amazing little happies I am thrilled to share today.  

Today's fun Eats & Drinks topic ... The drink accessory!!  


I love a good swizzle stick and how ADORABLE are these??  Those first two are origami for your straw.

Yes, I said ORIGAMI!!


The luncheon will actually be more of brunch since we are using the porch and deck area for the party so I can serve all kinds of fun beverages.  Mimosas, sweet tea, lemonade, champs for toasting ... 


... and how fun would homemade swizzle sticks with donut holes be for the coffee station??


I definitely want to use mason jars and I think these DIY monogram swizzle sticks are just adorable!  It would be so fun to use her new monogram!


Mixed in with some of these?  OMG ... this is perfect!!  


These may save me a ton of DIY time ... and I am sure I can spear a donut hole with that stick!!

OMG ... so excited!  This will be the most fun!

And ... I get to use my fab new porch!

Win. Win.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Just a little note...some consider it bad juju to use the brides new monogram until after she is wed 😉

  2. Adorable!!! I love all of these, what a fun party this will be!

    The Glam Pad



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