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Week in review ... #happyfriday!!

 Happy Friday!!!  I took a week off from blogging ... although I didn't really schedule to do so!!  The kids last day of school was last Wednesday.  Thursday we had a full schedule and then on Friday I flew to Minneapolis to spend a long weekend with my best friend and her family.  The weather was perfect ... crisp and 70's and the city was absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  Since they only have about 4 months of outdoor weather we soaked up each and every second we could outside!  

Holly and I met in college and instantly became inseparable.  She is six months older than me but I remind her quite often that even though I am old ... she is older.  This girl is amazing ... smart, talented, funny as h@#$, runs marathons, works full time and raising this cutie all while keeping my two feet on the ground.  

My weekend included nothing but relaxing, snuggling and playing with this cutie, thrifting and plenty of indulging in the local fare. 

And by fare, I mean drinks.  Holy moly ... they serve beer with their bloody mary's.  Let's just say the people from Minnesota can drink.  I was not prepared nor did I fare well.  And I'm ok with that.  

During our shopping I fell in love with a set of these flamingo prints.  For the life of me I could not think of one place to hang them while I was there.  Of course, now that I am home I have two perfect places for them.  I will be calling and negotiating their arrival this weekend.  Isn't he just the most precious flamingo ever?  And to think ... he has a perfect mate!

Since I returned on Tuesday evening I have spent the days making lists and getting right back into project mode.  I have roughly two months until the big party at our house ... so I need to get my game on.  Although, the list is dwindling quickly.

Before I left I scored this amazing little side table for $25 at a thrift store.  Love the greek key and the knobs ... and of course, the price.  

A few coats of high gloss white and two coats of clear gloss sealer and it is in its new place next to MHM's bed.  It wasn't the plan I ran past you on Tuesday ... but it worked out even better.  Little ones always seem to have "stuff" and now that "stuff" has three drawers to call home!

I also made her two lampshades for her bedside lamps and I am working on getting her desk painted and her lampshades covered for the desk.  I am this close to being done with her room. So now ... on to her bathroom. 

Her is a shot of her shower curtain and window area.  The wallpaper in her bathroom is not faring well after 11 years.  Its faded in spots and then there is the whole ... "let's just hang paper in the shower area and not the sink area" convo that I had when we first moved in.  Terrible idea ... down right stupid.  So ... the whole room really just needs to be papered and since this sweet little green paper is no longer available, I need to pick a new one.

(via google images)

I spent a long time on the Thibaut website yesterday perusing their line and I think I narrowed it down to a few.  Lance says pink, so pink it is.  I would need to change the color on the ceiling ... but that is easy to do and I am sure I have a can of paint in my many here that I could use.  I like the trellis from above, but in the pink colorway from below.  

(via google images)

This paper is fab ... but since the Lilly fabric has vines and leaves I think this one is overkill.  

(via google images)

This one I just adore ... and I think it may just be the answer I am looking for.  Simple print, pink color and something I won't dislike in five years. 

Still looking and thinking ... 

I missed y'all this week.  I have truly enjoyed blogging regularly and I felt like I had left a child without supervision.  I am happy to be home ... and very thankful for each of you!!!

Happy Friday ...

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