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Inspiration du jour ... Ikea Hacks

Dorothy Draper chests.  Easy to spot and highly coveted pieces.  Hard to find and even harder to part with the cash to make them yours!  Unless of course ... you make your own!

(via Pinterest)

We are all familiar with the Ikea Rast hack.  The $35 Ikea gold mine has been hacked so many ways to Sunday and each one of them is better than the last.  

(via Pinterest)

The Campaign version ... this one is nothing short of fantastic.  Campaign furniture in a weekend for literally pennies on the dollar of the actual piece. 

(via Calling it Home and Pinterest)

This fantastic hack by the very talented Linda of Calling it Home.  Same $35 piece and Overlays = perfection.

(via Pinterest)

This is a great hack using two Rasts and combining them for an amazing console.  I am assuming they attached the dressers at the bottom and the back.  In my opinion these are one word ... #genius.

(via Honey and Fitz and Pinterest)

And the incredible Dorothy Draper inspired hack.  This one is absolutely fantastic.  

We are in need of two sets of small dressers.  One set for the study for storage and one set for bedside tables for the master bedroom.  I have been keeping my eyes out for the perfect pieces and have come home empty handed for about a month.  Perusing Pinterest I rediscovered the Rast Hacks.  As long as the height works I am all in.  I am thinking Dorothy Draper style for the master in high gloss white and campaign style for the study in high gloss hot pink.  

Or high gloss turquoise for the master and white for the study.  

No definitely hot pink for the study. 

No for sure I will need high gloss white for the master.  The lamps are turquoise.

And maybe the Malm instead of the Rast ... 

Clearly I am still working out the kinks!

Happy Monday!



  1. I am always in love with the pink and gold hack of the Rast! I want to do it so badly! I have no idea where I could even put it but LOVE it!!!

  2. Love this post! Fabulous ideas!!!! Love the green chest the best!!

  3. thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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