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Inspiration du jour ... #monograms

 LOVE monograms!  New, vintage, antique ... my own and someone else's ... it truly doesn't matter.  A monogrammed item speaks to me!
Everyone that knows me at all will tell you everything in my life seems to come with a monogram.  For years I owned a monogram business.  After that I went into vinyl monogramming!  I still own a vinyl monogram machine and it takes me mere minutes to add a monogram to something I love!

It would probably be easier to show you all the items in my life that aren't monogrammed!  But that wouldn't be any fun at all!  Even my car is monogrammed.  Which is a problem when I accidentally cut someone off!  

Den chair pillows


This was one of my favorite items to sell!!!  Monograms for your Igloo cooler!!  

They are just so much more fun!

Little Bits summer ware!


Every towel in the house.  So much easier to put away ... these are the guest towels!


Napkins ... Thank you Emily McCarthy!!  xo 

Water jug 

Drink bucket

More pillows 

Cloth napkins 

Little Bits pillows for her reading chair ... these are one of my favorite collections!

Door ... This was a birthday gift from my friend Malibu Barbie!

Yet again, more pillows.  These are in the study!

And I am most excited to have a custom monogram to play with ... this is the vinyl version digitized by the local vinyl girl.  She's amazing!!  I see this on some new wine glasses and my tortoise ice bucket.  EEK ... can. not. wait.

There are a few things on my to do list ... 
Place mats
Lamp shades for Little Bits room
New monogram for the car 
(mine may or may not have been damaged when I backed into the garage door)
My solid shorts
The new beach towels
(so much easier to spot monogram towels at the end of a swim meet)

Yes, I am addicted!  I know I am not alone in this one!  
Happy Monogram Monday!!!  


  1. See I'm not the only one! My machine broke and it makes me sad. However now I am inspired to get back to it!

    1. My machine isn't working as well and I need to call a repair man instead of sending all of my items out! You just inspired me to do so! xo

  2. Oh yeah!! We are cut from the same cloth...probably has monograms on it. My sorority gal feels the same way and i remember spending hours with my mom when I was a child searching through antique linens and silver looking for "our letters" My mom hand smocked and embroidered our monograms on our little rompers and dresses - long before the monogramming machine was everywhere. I always have a stac of items here at the house that is on our monogram wish list - to be taken as we can. I really think I've paid for a machine one monogram at a time - i dream of owning one and monogramming everything- talk about dangerous!! I love all your monogrammed items in your home. I'm dying to do our pillowcases in addition to clothing!! And we are looking for a Chi O alum vinyl for College Girl's car and she hasn't found one she likes ... do you take orders???

    1. I wish I could help you ... but I am not licensed to make Greek decals. I just googled them to see what it would look like and I did notice there were a few on Etsy if that helps? I so wish I could help! xo

  3. Hello- can you tell me who monogrammed the pillows on your porch? Thanks,

    Browning Frazier

  4. and my rule is "if it's moving, monogram it" -- as you can see from my shirt today!!! xoxoox

  5. Do you sell the monograms for the Igloo coolers?

    1. Yes! I would be happy to make some vinyl monograms for coolers. Email me at! xo



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