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Happy Friday ...

The second week of summer is coming to an end ... I have committed myself to writing all the things we do during the weeks down so I will recall all the amazing memories.  Here are just a few things we did!

Week 2 of the summer in review ... 

We had dinner at the pool on Monday evening.  By far one of my favorite things to do with the kids.  They come home showered, relaxed and ready for bed!  Win, win for all of us!

Made a decision on wallpaper for MHM's bathroom.  Thibaut it is!  I love this paper and can't wait to see it hung in her bathroom!

Helped out styling a photo shoot for Parker Kennedy Living.  These are by far my favorite things he asks me to do.  Play around with tons of props?  Of course, I would love to!

This lucite bar cart was simply ridiculous good!  And the props ... perfect for the setting!!  He has more amazing out takes from the shoot on their Facebook page.  You will love each picture ... pinky swear!

Feel madly in love with this pool from the shoot.  Look at the English grass and slate squares.  I could not stop gazing at its beauty.  If I ever own a pool this would be my inspiration.  Simply divine!

Took a whole bunch of photos of this fantastic fence and arbor.  Our fence needs to be replaced and this beauty is calling my name.  I am thinking it would fit in with our house perfectly.  Must speak to hubs STAT!

Another swim meet.  This little friend of hers is by far my favorite on the team.  Sweet girl and so encouraging.  They love to cheer each other on ... even when they are on the same team!  So sweet!!

Came up on the one year anniversary of losing my sweet Nana yesterday.  Losing her was the biggest loss I have suffered in my lifetime and it still hurts so deeply.  I must always remember she knows spends her day at the feet of Jesus and we will be reunited once again.  I see so much of her in our daughter and It is always so surprising and sweet when a new aspect of her appears.  She is still a part of my everyday live although a long chat on the phone would be just divine!

Found this beauty when I was picking up chests for the study.  I simply love this sofa and its yummy down filled cushion.  Trying to hold back ... but at $199 it won't last long.  Hmm ... just can't decide what to do!  

Also on this weeks list ...

Watched Maleficent ... amazing movie!
MHM was accepted into private school and will start next year ... such a blessing for our family!
Kids made stepping stones for the yard
Two ice cream runs
Watched Annie and Planes ... both good movies
Cleaned the basement ... so overdue!

It was a great week and I love that we have 8 more to go!!!

Happy Friday!


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