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Signs of Summer ...

Summer is in full swing now that the kids have been out of school for a month.  We are almost at the half way point of summer vacation.  How can that be?  

(I love lazy mornings with an extra cup of coffee in my bed)

We are creatures of habit in the summer ... lazy mornings for me, swim team for them, salads for lunch, play dates, ice cream truck, afternoon reading, easy dinner, wine on the porch, catching fire flies and late bed times.  Then I mix in wine dates and dinner with besties!  Honestly, its pure heaven!

(It's a sea of Lilly cups in the dishwasher with all the friends in and out.  And I love it!!)

I have been jotting down each and every thing we do in my calendar just to capture all the sweet memories.  It's probably due to the fact that I have a rising senior but I am feeling the need to squeeze each and every second out of each day.  I will blink and they will all be gone!

Sigh ... 

(Summer manis are the best!!)

I am in the process of firming up our Florida and beach trips this week.  The kids go back to school so early this year I have to squeeze in many weeks of swim team, swim team and more swim team and then find the time to fit in my necessary beach vacays.  Last year we spent two amazing weeks at the beach and it was nothing short of heaven!

(My days are filled with Lilly clothes and orange dream bars!  Perfection!!)

We had family in town this week and the house was full of kids and giggles!  Lawyer's youngest brother is moving to North Georgia from Palm Beach and they were in town house hunting!  Their girls are 8 and 4 and the most adorable bitties ever!!  We sat on the porch each evening as our kids taught them to catch fire flies!  How more perfect could it be?  

(Sporting my new favorite cup with my vintage monogram vinyl)

My favorite thing to do a few times a week is to wind down the day at the pool.  We arrive around dinner with pizza in tow.  They swim and eat while I relax and read magazines.  They finish about 8, wash their hair in the pool showers and come home tuckered out and ready for bed!  I highly recommend it on evenings when Daddy is out of town!  

(Little Bit and her favorite swim team friend ... sweetest child I know!!)

We finished up the regular season of Summer League swim team this week with an awards ceremony, party and DJ.  For some its the end of swim team ... but Little Bit made the county team, so on we go!  She's over the moon and we are bursting with pride!  This girl can swim her heart out!!!

Today's salad du jour ... topped with grilled chicken.  My sweet brother in law grilled a bunch before he left and I am loving it.  He used some amazing marinade I can't seem to figure out, but its amazing.  I am such a salad freak.  I make them almost every day and for some reason it never gets old.  This week I am using fat free homemade ranch.  It's my new craving.  Such a 1990's Hidden Valley Ranch moment! 

Heading off to take the kids for haircuts and a trip to the Varsity drive thru ... 

That will be a small onion ring and a regular FO for moi!!


1 comment:

  1. Summers do fly by now and i miss having the true "school's out for Summer" experience you get with younger children. I used to put a handdrawn calendar on the fridge and we would writew what we did, add stickers, and countdown days until vacation. You'll be so glad you are calendaring your Summer because I still look back at those written memories!! And yay! for your daughter and county swim team - impressive!! Can't wait to see beach posts- I'm a Low country gal so beach tinme is a necessity in my book.!! Happy Summer.



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