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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #chilirubbedflanksteak


The hubs LOVES to grill.  He actually loves to cook ... but grilling anything is his specialty.  

We have new neighbors that we are courting to be friends so when we needed to take them dinner I knew Lawyer's flank steak was the perfect entree for my plans.  Flank steak, a yummy salad, hydrangeas from the neighborhood ... perfect selections!

This is such an easy meal to fix ... mix the ingredients for the rub together, let sit in a ziploc bag in the fridge for a bit and then finish them off on the grill.  

Even I can't mess up the prep on this one!

(via Pinterest)

I have made this myself when I needed a quick meal or something to take to a friend and he was traveling and it is easy to cook in the oven under the broiler.  Of course, the hubs would disagree and swear that the best meals are made on a charcoal grill.   And I would have to agree ... especially since it means he is doing the making and I am doing the lounging!

The neighbors loved their meal and of course are loving our family as well ... so I call that a win, win for both of us!!  Their daughter is Little Bit's age and they will be attending the same private school so we are thrilled to have them in our neck of the woods!

Add the flank steak to your rotating recipe list!  You will be happy you did!

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Looks delicious. We love a good flank steak. I have posted a few recipes on my blog. Glad I found you through Amanda.

  2. Wow what a wonderful neighbor you would be. I normally take brownies. How wonderful to take a whole meal. Great idea



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