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Tuesday Thrift ... Charlotte thrifting!

For many years I have been a fan of Emily A. Clark's blog.  I have always loved her very "doable" design.  I read her blog daily and enjoy each and every one of her posts!  I followed along when they moved into their new house, when she gave up her "business", when her Dad started hoarding light bulbs (single smartest move ever) and when she revealed they were having baby #4.  The day she posted about being pregnant with twins I remember being just as shocked and excited as they were.  She is the sweetest girl and I thoroughly enjoy each and every one of her posts!

The day she posted that she was opening a booth in her local Antique shop I knew I would love each and every thing she would be selling.  I only had to make a trip to Charlotte ... a mere 4 hours from home.  

The girl who painted her bamboo shades to appear like they were made with black ribbon tapes?  Brilliant!  I have always loved her eye and how she decorates her home.  I knew I would need to shop her booth.  Like STAT!

And then Lance asked me to help style a photo shoot at his project in Charlotte.  

UMM ... Yes, please!

He was as excited as I was to squeeze in some thrifting.  We were too late on Wednesday to stop and shop and would have to wait and go on our way home on Friday.  We both watched the clock religiously to make sure we would make the 8 pm closing time.  

She posts some great pics of her booth here!  In hind sight ... I should have purchased so much more.  I was exhausted after a two day shoot and I didn't shop her booth with a fresh mind.  I snapped up only a few things and so wish I had purchased more from her booth and a few others!

Our shopping trip ... 

I should have grabbed the brass pineapple lamp and the navy blue trunk in the top right hand corner.  I could have used the black and white photograph on my wall of these in the basement.  I need about two more.  That was silly!  But remember ... I said I was exhausted.  

She had the best blue and white collection ... that tea set would have fit in my collection perfectly.  

I did grab these amazing Greek key tray and Lance and I fought over the bamboo brass bowl.  In the end he won.  It is perfect for his personal collection.  I have moved that tray around a million places in the house trying to find just the right spot.  It looks good in so many places!  

Other amazing things I saw ... 

Amazing oil painting ... should have grabbed this up for my den!

What a fabulous bamboo coffee table!

Check out this rug!  Such a good blue and white option ... 

Amazing bamboo ice bucket with matching tongs!  So fabulous!

OMG ... these pups had me at the front door.  They were both in pairs and I have absolutely no need for either of them.  Need ... no, want ... yes!!

Great brass birds 

Stupid cheap wicker chair ... and ridiculous price ... like under $20

Incredible vase that would have made a wonderful lamp!

Things I wish I hadn't left behind ...

Seriously??  What was I thinking?  I left these amazing brass bird sconces behind!  So silly of me!  These would have been amazing in our master bedroom!

Hello fabulous Greek key concrete planters!  Yep, that was a silly move as well!

Darling brass shell sconces.  Yep ... exhausted thrifting is a seriously bad plan!

And these elephants ...

Lance spotted these and snatched them up faster than I could blink my eyes!  He will lacquer these up and resell them and some one will be incredibly lucky to score them!!!

I highly recommend if you are in Charlotte or close by that you make the trip to the Catawaba Antique Mall!  It is well worth the trip ... 

and I am trying to schedule my next road trip as I type!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Oh fabulous..... I'm am dieing to hit Emily's booth. I have to travel to Charlotte for work on a regular basis, so I am trying to plan an afternoon to visit. And you're right those are some fabulous items left behind.

  2. Paige, I am beyond flattered by this post and that you liked the booth so much. Thank you soooo much for this post! Next time you and Lance are headed this way, give me a heads up and we'll have to meet up :) (You all found some great things I didn't even know were there!)

  3. I was sure her booth would be chock full of goodness!!

  4. So jealous! I had no extra time when I was in Charlotte last month.

  5. I have those brass birds! Found them in an antique mall a couple hours outside of Philadelphia. Great find!

  6. I have those brass birds! Found them in an antique mall a couple hours outside of Philadelphia. Great find!

  7. I did not know of this Emily Clarke's blog and am reading through it like it is a novel I can't put down. Also, earlier today my husband called to say he has to plan a business trip to Charlotte this summer. I know where I will be while he is in meetings. Love a good antique mall!

  8. if this antique mall is in Charlotte NC, I need to know where - i'm only 1 1/2 hours away! Must run - I'm devouring Emily's blog



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