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Tuesday Thrift ... my favorite Etsy finds

I love Etsy ... its the next best thing to a day thrifting!  I have found amazing things over the years from Etsy and met some fabulous sellers along the way!  Currently I have 215 items saved in my favorites and a few items I have on my "must buy ASAP" list!

Here are a few items from my favorites list ... 

I am dying for one of these.  I envision it sitting on my bar cart and filled with ice and ready for an amazing soiree!!  Isn't it to die for??

I am dying for these.  Aren't they amazing??  My friend Emily has a set on her bar cart and every time she posts pictures of the bar cart I secretly covet her amazing glasses.  These are pricey ... but they may be worth every cent!  Plus ... its a set of 9.  That gives me an extra if Lawyer breaks one!

This set of scones is AH-MAZING!!!  I do not have one place for them in my house and yet they still are in my favorites.  I just love them and figure one day I will be able to recommend them to someone or find them a great home!  Aren't they fabulous??

This tray and every one in the shop is drop dead amazing!!  I absolutely love them all.  They are fabulous and would look amazing in so many different places.  Check out this seller ... love them all!!

This is a set of FOUR brass bamboo trays.  Four of them!  I still can't believe it is a set of 4.  You can do so much with four of them ... and I love the range of sizes!  I have had this one favorited for a while and it is still for sale.  Its the perfect day to grab it up!!  

The remainder of my favorites list consists of blue and white porcelain, plaid fabric, brass, barware, vintage Lilly dresses, staffordshire and more! 

Check it out ... let me know if you grab something off my list.  I would love to know something I love went to a fun and fabulous home!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. OK, so the pineapple ice bucket is the bomb. I have been holding out for just the right ice bucket. That may be it!!!!! The painted tray is also a beauty.

  2. Love many wonderful things to buy! I love the pineapple ice bucket also!

  3. You have such good taste! I have one of those trays for my etsy shop that I will be listing this week. Check out the Preppy Pagoda!



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