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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #diningroom

Seriously??  Y'all are blowing me away with all the comments lately.  I have the kindest readers!  Thank you for the love yesterday on the Study.  We are SO CLOSE!!

Three of you asked about our pink dining room.  What better day to talk about it then the day we usually talk about eating and drinking?  I absolutely love the dining room in its pink and green glory!!  

The wall color was a process of  "OMG ... now what do I do"??  My dad made the sideboard to hold all of my chargers and my taper candle collection.  He was so good about asking me to measure it to make sure I would have all the storage space I would need.  When he did he asked me what color I wanted it, my response was any color other than green since the walls were an amazing shade I loved.

Yep.  The most gorgeous lime green!

With these fierce black and white buffalo check silk panels.  Loved the combo!!  

And when he delivered his labor of love ... yep, it was green!  And how in the world was I to tell him that it was the near exact color of my dining room walls!  He had worked so hard and even told me the green paint was truly hard to work with, took him forever!  

Yep.  I was in trouble!

Then I recalled this House Beautiful magazine cover I had coveted for quite some time!!!

Do you remember this room?  On the cover!  That pink wall, white wainscoting and yellow chair was IT for me!!

I dug and dug in my magazine stash and located the one I needed.  I remembered the whole issue was all about pink and each room had the color name.  Had to find it STAT!!!  Flipped through the magazine and found the exact color.  

Begonia it was!!!  I have asked the handy man to come and cut wainscoting for like forever and he says I'm on his list.  Longest freaking list in the whole world.  

Don't you just die over those pink silk buffalo check panels??  I know I did when the BFF brought them to the house and asked if I could use them.  Are you kidding me??  They were the perfect shade of pink, the perfect length and did I mention they are pink??  I hung those babies so quickly and have been loving them ever since!

I updated the pillows in the head chairs with this amazing Scalamandre Chinoiserie China Rose.  I found a remnant on Ebay and snatched it up so quickly the seller's head must have spun.  I absolutely love this fabric and all of the color ways are amazing!  Of course, I am partial to the green and pink!!

And before you ask, and people ask me all the time, "does your Hubs care about all the color you use"?  
The answer would be no.  He grew up in Palm Beach wearing Lilly before I even knew who she was.  He is more than fine with whatever color I decide to paint (and paint again and then even sometimes repaint) his casa!!  At one point right after we moved in our master was pink.  Pale pink, but pink nonetheless.  I had to try and work with the red on red brocade wallpaper in the master bathroom.  It was nothing short of a bordello I promise you.  

I am very lucky, I realize!! 

It makes me so happy to walk into the house and see that happy pop of pink.  I love to entertain and we do a lot of dinners at the house, and the dining room is a frequent stop!

That enormous china hutch was purchased for a mere $99 at my once favorite $99 Store.  It has since folded and I can't say I was shocked since I was pretty sure it was not on the up and up.  I was strolling through the store one New Year's Day looking for a chest.  We were entertaining that evening and I needed an extra place to serve.  I was walking through the packed aisles and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted it.  Forget the chest, this was THE PIECE.  Two trips in the Yukon XL and many hours of moving furniture later and she was home.  Isn't she lovely??

I should probably repaint at some point, but I am madly in love with the pink and green detailing on the edges.  And this baby holds basically my entire life in china, silver and Limoges!

So many of the items in this room are so special to us.  The dining room table was my in laws and they received it as a wedding gift.  The veneer may be showing its age but I love it just the same.  That table has seen so many family dinners and is the cornerstone of the room.  The crystal candlesticks and the compotes were my in laws as well.  She loved to entertain and most of her pieces are monogrammed.  In fact we own the hubs great grandmothers monogrammed sterling silver collection.  And it is STUNNING!!!

I purchased the black chairs at Scott's Antique Market very soon after we realized we would receive the table.  I happened upon the set of 6 for $200 in perfect condition.  They are showing wear and tear now, but they could easily be repainted and the seats recovered.  And then I could monogram the seats of the head chairs.  

Wowza, sorry!!  I started planning in my head again!

The chandelier was purchased for $150 at my favorite antique flea market here in the burbs.  It was white when I picked it up but I knew immediately I wanted it yellow.  It is perfect with the pink walls and all the pops of green.  Hanging this beauty was a long and sketchy story.  I tried to hang it myself on a 10 foot ladder when the family was out of town and ended up crashing to the floor on the ladder breaking almost every plate on the wall.  I was not injured (much) but my beloved French month plates did not recover.  

(Thank you so much to Lance and David for cleaning me and the pile of rubble up off the floor.  I had to swear to never use a ladder unattended again!!)

Some things should just be left to the professionals.  Hanging heavy chandeliers is at the top of that list!!

I am dying to either lacquer or wallpaper this ceiling.  Something subtle yet show stopping!!  Any ideas??

After destroying so many of my beloved plates I dug out my mother in laws amazing Limoges plate collection.  Since I knew I wouldn't be using a ladder in this room ever again, I was confident hanging them on the wall.  These plates are so gorgeous and the pink and green (hard to see) in the center is perfect for the room.   I had exactly the number I needed to make it work.  And I love that when my sweet father in law comes to dinner he smiles at us using so many of their beautiful things.  

I truly believe that any space we use should make us happy!  This room, and many of those in my house do exactly that for me.  I love my house and I love to have it full of people!!

Consider yourself invited for dinner!!



  1. I LOVE that room!
    Just recently started following you!

  2. It's funny, because the first time I saw the room the question of "what does hubby think?" was the first thing to come to mind! LOL Love your use of bold color. Did you keep the black and white buffalo check drapes? Thought they would look fantastic for fall and winter months...quick change. Love black, white and pink together!! What a sweet story about your dad making that piece for you. I wouldn't have had the heart to tell him either!

  3. what a dad! and what a daughter not to tell him the truth! i like that. :)

  4. Oh. My. GOODness! I LOVE THIS ROOM!!! I just asked my husband if I could paint my dining room pink. He said, "No." So, I am going to have to live vicariously through YOU! Everything in this room is delicious! The fabrics are so yummy! Love it all!! xoxo, Emily @

  5. I adore this room!! Your whole house, actually :-) Oh and YOU too. xo

  6. All of your rooms are delightful! Love your style and blog!

  7. I love it sooooo much!!!!!! Don't repaint the china cabinet! I LOVE how the original pink and green ties everything together with vintage flair. This is incredible Paige!

    The Glam Pad



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