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Tuesday Thrift ... the study

For me ... thrifted pieces just make a room.  Maybe it's that I have found them amongst the rubble.  Maybe its because I see them as unique.  Maybe it is being able to share where I found each piece!  I am sure that I feel like a room feels complete with the little thrifted details. 

I have been working on the Study for quite some time.  I painted it a few years ago going back to an inspiration picture from the JCrew catalog and wanted to make the dining room and the study 
perfect just like this.  I absolutely love green and blue together in any combination of hues!!

Took a bit to get the colors right .  The green was easy, we matched it based on a hue in the vintage china cabinet.  But the blue, there are so many blues!!  This one ended up being custom mixed at 50 percent.  It may be my favorite color in the whole house!!  

(ps ... the dining room is now pink, but that's a long story)

Then I added the window treatments. I have so many curtain ideas saved on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted double panels and a pelmet.  The Greek key was an after thought, and a good one!!  The green brocade was remnant found at Scott's Antique Market.  I loved it at first site!  These pictures don't do that fabric justice!  

Grabbed up some Ikea panels and added some Greek key trim!  If you haven't tried the panels at Ikea, you need to STAT!  The price is amazing and the quality is unbeatable for the price.  These panels ran $29,99 for the pair.  Hemmed and trim added and they look so amazing!

A Palm Beach regency mirror from Parker Kennedy Living.  This mirror was the perfect fit for the spot.  It came to be as so many other pieces in the home.  Lance was sitting in the den and looked into the study and said ... you need a mirror between those windows.  I have one in the warehouse, come by and get it!  And that I did!!  Added some fabulous plates and it was done!  The mirror needs to change from white to pale pink, but I will get to that soon!

Scoured some green lamps from TJ Maxx!  If you don't already know ... I am a HUGE fan of the maxx.  And the Home Goods and Marshalls.  I have my gold maxxinista membership.  How can you not shop here??  I find so many fabulous things here!!  

(via Pinterest)

Some vintage French prints ... also from Scott's and more plates!

And these amazing white barrell back chairs.  This set was the very first item I purchased from Parker Kennedy.  Spotted them on Instagram and knew I needed them ... they are absolutely perfect for the study.  They have lived in front of the desk, behind it and now they sit in their permanent home on the back wall!!

And then on the opposite wall ... 

Two vintage Italian tole tulip scones, custom shades and more plates.  

I may or may not have a plate issue.  I probably need a support group.  Like, its a serious issue!

But I digress ... 

Now ... down to the last final touches.

I scored two of these beauties for $99 each for storage.  These eight drawers hold all the needs for a home office/study area!  They will be lacquered yellow with gold accents.  This is on the to do list for August!!

Made the decision on the rug and even found the exact rug today for $70 cheaper thanks to a precious IG friend!  Those IG peeps rock my world!!

Purchased this amazing white chandelier from Clutter Savannah.  Seriously love these peeps.  I spotted it and called only to find out that someone else was very interested in it as well.  I quickly pulled out my wallet and scored this beauty!  My sweet friend Amanda carted it back from a trip home for me.  Sooo kind!!!

Just waiting on the electrician to spend some quality time with me and get this and the sconces lit.  He and I need a date (and hopefully one that won't cost me a mortgage payment)!!

And then this amazeballs piece.  Lance spotted it in our local antique joint and immediately said I needed to lacquer it for the desk.  I said no and then began the road of regret.  He very thoughtfully picked it up for me while I was away on Memorial Day.  Gotta love that boy!!  It is a table, leaf and all, and is large enough for the hubs big ass (how else would you describe it??) monitor and plenty of pretty things!  The kids can sit next to each other and play on the computer or work on homework.  It is truly perfect for the space!!  

The study is ... THIS CLOSE! And I couldn't be happier with all the changes just in time for school to start next week.  The kids and I will use the heck out of this space.  

And each thrifted piece makes it for me!



  1. Gorgeous! Love it all... The lamps & the 3 cabbage plates... And that blue, beautiful!

  2. Looks amazing! I love that you are not afraid of bold colors and mixing them. Love green and blue. My office is mostly white with green and blue accents. I need to take some lessons from you and add some more bold pops of color! You are the queen of great finds my friend.

  3. love. it. all. you have the best friends in the world! love that she toted that chandy home for you and parker kennedy can do no wrong in my book. good thing i didnt know about clutter savannah or PKL before I moved away from Georgia...i would have been bankrupt for sure:)

    two questions...where did you buy your greek key trim and where did you get your double happiness pot?

    happy i found your blog...adding it to my daily reads.

    1. Thank you!! xo I purchased my Greek key trim locally at Lewis & Sheron but I have also purchased Greek key trim online at They have a good selection and the prices are amaze! I purchased my Happiness pots at Goodwill and other antique shops in the area, though they have quite a few on Etsy! Good luck!! mpm

    2. You are the third person to ask about the pink dining room ... so I will post it! xo mpm

  4. Looks so awesome! Love the bold colors and all the styling!


  5. I want to know about that pink dining room! Also, what is your favorite source for pillows to monogram? (Like the ones in your One Room Challenge) Thanks for sharing.

    1. I use a local monogrammer and love them! They charged me $30 each for those pillows and it was a custom monogram in two colors, 10 inches and two day turnaround. I was thrilled!! mpm

  6. Forgot to ask about the black and white rug source! Thank you.

    1. The original source was Ikea for $199 and the local source was World Market with no delivery for $129! So excited to get it in the space!! mpm

  7. Can't wait to see the rest come together. You are going to be busy in August :-)



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