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Little Bit's room ...

I absolutely love this room in our house.  It's full of life, Lilly and color!!!  

This photo was taken about two years ago when she had twin beds pushed together.  Since that time we realized that her brother actually needed the twin beds for sleep overs and she got his queen size bed.  The wall art is still the same and the bedding was tweaked just a smidge ... but otherwise it looks almost identical to this today.

Minus the headboard.  And I am a big fan of a headboard!!

I have tried so many different styles and yet nothing worked for me.  Then after Haven I decided to make her an upholstered one!  I mean I used a jigsaw and a circular saw ... I can totally make this happen!!

I settled on this shape and style ... but obviously not this tall.  It has to fit under her wall of Lilly.  I have measured, ordered the fabric and next week I will done my Ryobi safety goggles and make it happen!  I did check with the upholstery spa who quoted me $499 for the exact headboard I wanted and I am thrilled to be making it for literally pennies of what he quoted me.  Don't get me wrong ... there are still plenty of things I will leave to the spa.  I swear for what I pay that man I could employ him for a few days a month to just work for me.  (oh, and Lance!!)

The hardest part for me in this process was deciding which fabric to chose ... I mean the child has every Lilly color in that room to chose from ... 

And finally I chose the grass green!  And I am thrilled with my choice! 

As I sat in this pink chair in her room this morning with my coffee (she bunked with her brother in the twins last night) it hit me like a ton of bricks.  That amazing monogrammed grass green pillow that I had removed from the chair to sit in it was leaning up against the bed skirt of her bed. 

And it looked amazeballs!!!  

Pulled out my Ipad, did a little internet research and BAM ... 

Five yards, free shipping and $35.75 later its on its way to moi!!!

I also scored some amazing blue and white lamps yesterday at Home Goods and am on the way this am back to another Home Goods to score the Cynthia Rowley white ruffle mirror.  I just need to make some shades, lacquer her dresser and tweak some other items and her reveal will be complete. 

I am thrilled to make some minor changes to her room.  Even though it was her idea to trade the beds I hated leaving her with no headboard!  This will be the when I finish it!!

And we are focusing on when and not if!!


ps.  Your love on Thursday's post is overwhelming.  Little did I know how many of you would need to hear what I had to say.  I am thrilled I shared and that so many of you commented, texted, IG'd and emailed me.  I love you all!!  xoxo 


  1. Paige, it is already amazing!! The new headboard and few tweaks will put it over the edge amazing!! Cannot wait to see it all. I just recently changed up our baby girl's room with some Lilly (well she is actually 20, not really a baby any more, but my baby nonetheless). I still need to add some accessories and art, but I wanted her to help with those decisions. And well, that girl can DIY some art like nobody's business. The things she has made for her sorority sisters and their home are amazing. Glad you found the mirror!!

  2. Looking good! Such a happy room. Can't wait for the headboard.



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