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Inspiration du jour ... #myhappyplace

Yesterday mid morning we packed up the car and headed for the beach.  There is no other place for me than the beach.  It's calming and peaceful and re-energizes me.  As a child my mother and I spent every Saturday at the beach and it just became part of my makeup.  We would pack up the baby blue Pinto and head for Indian Rocks beach and arrive home again at dark!!  She would wear her crochet bikini and me my neon yellow two piece.  Her with a big floppy hats and Dr. Scholl's sandals and me with flip flops and zinc oxide on my nose!  I would stand up in the seat of the Pinto (it was the mid 70s) keeping my eye out for the draw bridge ... still one of my favorite sights of all time.  Those Saturdays were the one of the best memories of my childhood. 
Since we are landlocked in Atlanta I have to drive much farther than my mother did to give my babies that same love of the beach.  But ... at least twice a year I find time in my calendar to do just that.  And when we are here, we soak up every second.  Lazy mornings, packing up the cooler with sandwiches, chips and Oreos, fruit for late afternoon snacks and plenty of water and soda.  And when the hubs or friends are with us we create a sandwich and drink of the day.  Good times!

When Little Bit finished the State Qualifying swim meet and the swim season was over I immediately pulled out the computer and the calendar and booked a few days away! 

I packed up these two ... 

who clearly aren't this little any more!  Le sigh ... 

 And drove six hours to be able to do this for four days.  

Worth every single second in the car with two very cute but quite fussy kids!!

While I waited for our table at the Crap Trap I sat in a chair with a glass of wine and the kids immediately headed for the water.  

Yep ... they have the same love for the ocean, sand and sun that I do!!

Waiting for the rain to lift ... packing up my book, my monogrammed cooler, my sunnies and getting ready for a day of pure relaxation!

The beach is definitely my happy place ... where is yours??



  1. Complete agreement....the beach!!! Sadly though, I'm in Indiana -- so most of the time the lake has to make due :).

  2. I am a Charleston- born SC beach girl and it has never changed. Enjoy. Get some sand between your toes for me!!

  3. Precious!! My mother had a pinto too ;-) SO excited we got to spend time with y'all last night and that you got to meet more of the fam. xoxo

  4. Reminds me of summers at the Jersey Shore only we would schlep everything over in the big 1960's pram for the 7 block walk to the beach with mom wearing her Dr Schol's and us in our dime store flip-flops and danskin swim suits. Good, good times.



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