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Inspiration du jour ... #family

Wow ... what an amazing weekend!  I truly needed one more day to regroup.  

Maybe two!  

Giggles, hugs, selfies, toasts, 911 phone calls for lost items, amazing weather, love, family and memories we will never forget. 

Another Minear wedding!

If you follow me on Instagram ... you have already seen all of these and you may want to scroll all the way down to the end where the giveaway winner is posted.  I understand ... it's a lot.  


It was a great weekend ... I cried, a lot!  We missed the hubs' mama a lot, as we do with all the big family things we know she would love.  Watching his dad walk down the aisle escorted alone set of my tears!  Little Bit opened her precious purse and handed me some tissue.  Bless her!  Also watching that little bitty flower girl walk down the aisle and her Daddy crying ... that did me in as well!

Hope yours was amazing!

And we have a WINNER!!  Check back to the original post for the winner ... Rafflecopter posts the winner when the giveaway ends!  If you are the lucky winner ... email me stat!  


1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends. And, memories of those no longer with is here on earth, but rejoicing from Heaven. Thanks for sharing Paige.



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