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Autumn Blog Hop Day 4 ...

It's Day 4 of the Autumn Blog Hop and I am delighted to share with you today's stop ... the funny and amazingly gifted Krystine Edwards!
I met Krystine through the One Room Challenge and we became friends on Instagram!  I will never forget thinking her comments were hilarious and was I ever spot on!  Krystine was one part of our Haven girl trifecta and what a loyal and dear friend she has become!  She can make me laugh inappropriately at the same time that she blows me away with her style and talent.  She is one hot little mama!!

Amazing lunch with Lance and Krystine!  This was the first day we met IRL and we left that lunch as instant besties.  She is so much fun and so kind!!

And these two ... Hi-larious.  Though we all were after a few glasses of Chard!

Those legs are killer ... I promise you!!!

Today she doesn't disappoint one bit ... 

Is this porch not AMAZEBALLS!!!  That plaid throw, that hollowed out pumpkin and can we please talk about that table?  I would have tripped her if we both saw it at the same time.  Like trip her old school and grabbed it up!  It's sooo good!  I am seeing these hollowed out pumpkins enough to know I need to DIY one for myself!

I love this vignette!  The blue is the perfect pop, I love the E box from C Wonder and you know how I feel about eucalyptus.  I mean its the perfect fall addition!  And the smell it adds to the house is the 
perfect spicy punch!  Ps ... Trader Joes sells it for $2.99 a bunch which is basically free!

Another great house with great inspiration.  I am pinning her chili recipe to make later this week ... spicy chili is right up my alley!

Perfect post Charleston Krystine, I absolutely love it!  
Oh, and you're pretty much the bomb!


Check back tomorrow for Amanda!  And I got a preview today ... her post will be a show stopper!!!

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Happy Monday!!



  1. Krystine is not only gorgeous, but so amazingly talented!! Cannot wait to view her fall decor. And, you and BFF A are such a tease with that IG pic. It will be nothing short of spectacular!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes! You are too kind, seriously I cannot see the screen anymore. I miss you and your beautiful face dear friend. Looking forward to high point! xoxox



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