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Autumn Blog Hop Day 5 ... (and an announcement!!)

It's Day 5 of the Autumn Blog Hop and I am delighted to share with you today's stop ... the one and only incredibly talented Dixie Delights!  
 Amanda is more than just a blogger I adore, she's a dear friend!  I am blessed to know this pint sized force.  And she is just that!  Smart, funny and soooo talented!

Always dressed in Lilly with that stunning smile and accessories galore!  

She is super fun to hang out with ... the first to laugh at herself and witty to no end.  Her attention to detail is perfection.  But just one blog post and you will quickly pick up on that tid bit.  I just love this precious friend!  We had so much fun at Haven Conference which we quickly turned into a girls weekend.   

I mean ... who wouldn't with these two crazy fun friends!  

I can tell you before even checking out her post you are in for a treat today ... I may or may not have gotten a sneak peek yesterday when I popped in to drop off some flowers.  Girl needed a happy and what's happier than sunflowers??  Of course my flower drop off turned into chatting and arranging and became the best part of my morning.  Just adore that girl! 

I left her house inspired to add a few things to mine.  Her porch literally has a skeleton on it ... a full size skeleton, one with a precious bow tie and a cute name!  How fab is that??  

And this pic ... 

Those jack o lantern shades ... I would love to add those to my decor.  They would be perfect for my breakfast room!!  

Come back tomorrow for the fanciest girl I know ... 

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Happy Tuesday friends!  

And I have fabulous news for you ... I am once again linking up with the One Room Challenge!

Week one starts Thursday!!!!!

I am not ready but getting there ... follow along with me on this journey to transform another room in our house!!  This one will definitely be a challenge but I am excited!! EEK ... two more days!



  1. Awwww... I'm so flattered and SO thankful for your friendship, laughs, happies, hugs and calls. I can't believe your ORC starts next week. I'd be DYING. xoxoxoxo

  2. ya'll are absolutely adorable! love that photo of you guys decked out in the summer fun gear. I'm hopping over to check out Amanda's fall d├ęcor now (and posting it on VHH today). Sounds like you're just as crazy as I am...I'm doing the ORC linking challenge too. We'll need plenty of vino!

  3. I love her home, her fun decor and her! I also cannot help but LOVE this post- that photo just makes me smile!!



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