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Happy Friday!!!

It was a good week ... actually it was a great one!  

The hubs will be home tonight and this week he was in New York so we won't lose precious time while he adjusts to the east coast time again!  And he is taking off next week while the kids are home on Fall break.  I might be over the moon excited for this one.  Ooh, the plans I have in store for us!  eek!!!!!

I got a lot done ... and rested quite a bit too, so I feel better this week than I have in a while.  That is always a great thing!

The bar area is almost complete!  Just waiting on the electrician to come Tuesday and then pics can be shot for the blog!  I can't wait to show you the result.  I am so happy I splurged on the paper.  It makes that whole area so happy.  Its like summer and vacation all wrapped up in one tiny little space!

I have new profile pictures for the blog ... and I am over the moon happy with them!

Simple and soo me.  She captured it perfectly! This vase was my mother in laws and the crystal is so amazing.  One of my favorites to fill with fresh roses!  I miss her every time I use it!

Thank you Skipper for the fabulous new pics!  You are so talented and so sweet and our friendship has meant the world to me.  I thank God for you and your support of me, my family and my blog!  Have the most amazing week away!  xo

Finally laid the rug in the study and holy cow what was I waiting for ... it makes that space!  I have pictures of it along with some other tiny things I have been working on that truly do just finish out my list!  I am loving our house lately ... the punch list items are getting shorter and shorter!  

And if you follow me on Instagram you have seen these pics ... 

Little Bit and Uncle Lance 

Little Bit's school was hosting a Donuts with Dad this morning and our Daddy was unable to attend.  After a moment of sadness she decided that everyone else would have a daddy in tow, but there would only be one Uncle Lance.  We extended the invite and he made it happen for her. 

Y'all, I can not express in words the way this whole morning made me feel ... she was beyond excited and so was he.  As a child I attended many events alone due to different circumstances, and she is blessed to be surrounded by so much love.  She will never feel the way I did when schedules got in the way.  Family is so much more than what you were born with or in to.  It's the people God places in your life to fill the gaps and holes and bring you closer to him.  It's the people you share your life with, the giggles, the tears, the good and the heartaches.  It's the people who know the tiny details about you, remember everything that is important and drop everything to rescue your pup from a school bus!  I am blessed with precious best friends who are just that to me.  They are my family and I thank God for them every single minute!  I am one lucky girl.

And so is she!

Happy Friday!!



  1. Awesome family quote! You made me teary with that story.

  2. I love that he filled in for your husband at her school! So sweet! You are definitely blessed :)

    ps...the ginger jar arrived and i'm loving it :)

  3. So happy that the family gets a week together!! Enjoy. Love the pictures sweet Amanda took. They are perfect and yes, so you!! Every little girl needs an "Uncle Lance"!!!!!

  4. Happy Friday to you! Do you mind telling me where you got the presh bamboo frame and Greek key ribbon for your pool party hostess gift? Love your blog!!

    1. Not at all ... the bamboo frame came from Home Goods! They have both silver and gold, however if you are shopping in Atlanta I already cleaned them out. The ribbon is a lucky find from Hobby Lobby, they have so much fun colors!! xo

    2. Thank you for the info! I am a new reader and you have already inspired me to add pops of color and display my vintage plates throughout my home!

  5. Beautiful post, my friend! So happy uncle lance was there for little bit. And I hope you'll wait on me for the bar pics :-) xoxoxo

    1. you + me = bar pics, giggles and yummy lunch!! I am totally waiting for you Skips!!! xo

  6. I Love the new pics, they are fresh and fun! What a lucky family to have such great friends.



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