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Inspiration du jour ... #30miles

(End of day 1 ... 20 miles down!)

If you know me IRL you know I don't work out.  I am active, but I don't belong to the gym and I don't run or walk on a regular basis.  I know I should, but the truth is I don't.  

I don't like tennis shoes and I loathe socks.  Growing up as a Floridian I only wore flip flops and they are by far my shoe of choice.  I wear them 9 months out of the year in some fashion or another, and it's just me.  Putting on a pair of socks (which I usually have to borrow from Little Bit) and tennis shoes is very out of the norm for me. 

But, so is putting them on for a weekend and walking 30 miles.  And last year that is exactly what I did.  And I LOVED each and every mile of it!

And when else can you walk around town wearing a huge pink bra and a pink tutu and totally fit in?  I will tell you ... that tutu was one hot skirt!  That fabric did not breathe for one sec!

I remember thinking I was scared and nervous ... I mean 30 miles is a long way to walk not having prepared myself for it at all.  And I was walking with a fitness guru, a Zumba instructor and the strongest survivor I know.  I was not about to give in to my fears and let the walk beat me.  

And I didn't!  I put on my big girl panties, dealt with blisters and aching muscles and walked every one of those 30 miles that weekend.

And I remember how it felt that last mile ... I cried like a baby the whole time.  The hubs brought Little Bit to me and she walked the last mile with me.  Holding her hand and hearing her tell me over and over how proud she was of me was worth every single minute of the next week when I could basically barely walk at all.

(if you look really hard you can spot our team in the very right of the photo sporting our blue t-shirts)

Lunch after and a much needed margarita!  My precious hubs at the table behind us trying to decide that day how to escort his over emotional, hurting and rather tipsy wife home!  

Well, I am at it again this year.  On October 11, 12 (omg, one month away!) I will be walking again!  And if you were wondering if I have been training, the answer would be no.  I am honestly worried about this years walk, for different reasons than last year, and I am praying for strength to complete it!  It's a different year and I am in a different place with my health, but I am excited and I am going to make it happen once again!  The hubs says once I put my mind to something I am nothing short of a force.  And my mind is made up ... I am walking!

And I would love your help!!

I have designed a t-shirt to help raise funds for our team!  Since all the money we raise stays in Georgia for research ... designed a Georgia shirt!  We here in Atlanta hope you will check your "peaches" regularly and get your yearly mammograms!  Early detection can save a life!!

I hope you love it as much as we do!  And not only do the sales go 100% towards our team goal, but your purchase is tax deductible!  

Comment with your email if you would like a shirt and I will get back to you with a Paypal invoice and your shirt will come with a receipt for your donation!

Thanks peeps!

Happy Monday!


  1. of luck!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I sent you an email! xo

  2. Hopefully I can still get a shirt--I love it. I will be out of town until Tues Oct 14, but my email is
    Good luck with the walk--God bless you all!! I have friends walking too!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, I sent you an email! xo

  3. Hi Paige, I got your email, but somehow I haven't seen the invoice for the tshirt--can we try again



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