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Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... Summer vs. Fall

As soon as Design Darling posted her "3 Cocktails to try this weekend" I knew the last long weekend of the year was the perfect time to try out the Mint Gimlet!

And y'all it does not disappoint!!!

Since I have the most adorable mint pot producing tons and tons of mint just outside my front stoop, I snipped what I needed on Friday evening, and went back for more each day of the long weekend.  These drinks are yummy, refreshing and oh so very light!

I squeezed in all I could of this yummy vodka drink since I am known to switch from vodka to bourbon and white wine to red in the cooler months.  

Does anyone else do this?

I think the lighter drinks seem perfect for me in the warmer months and the darker, warmer drinks make me feel cozier when the air begins to cool.  

I am truly a bourbon girl at heart.  I do enjoy vodka and tequila ... but bourbon is by far my favorite!  I think its the fact that I grew up in the South going to southern football games where the smell in the air was always some sort of bourbon.  The first drink I tried in college wasn't beer or wine ... it was Crown Royal and ginger-ale.  

My best friend in college drank bourbon so I drank bourbon ... and it was so much better than beer, though I drank that too at the oyster roasts at my boyfriend's frat house when I was only eating saltines and cocktail sauce.  Yeah ... I don't really care for oysters!  Though, I am not sure he really ever knew that!  And I really didn't care for the beer either.  

I digress ... 

Fall is the time when the wine stock at the house switches from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet and Pinot Noir.  Of course, at the moment I seem to be heavy on white wine.

Anyone want to come over for wine and cheese??

Happy Hump Day!!



  1. Oh my heavens, tried a Mint Gimlet over the weekend, too...was disappointed I hadn't done so earlier in the summer, as I also switch as the seasons change. The gimlet was quite yummy, but I'm a bourbon girl at heart as well....I was raised by a Southern Mama :)...

  2. That drink looks amazing! We alternate wines with different meals, but yes, winter calls for darker drinks.
    I am always up for a wine and cheese night!!!

  3. I thought that I was the only one that didn't drink beer in college, though I have always been a rum or vodka gal. I do switch to lighter drinks in the summer, as much as I love a good red it's just too heavy in the heat. I'll have to give bourbon a try once the weather gets a little cooler, I have always loved the pretty colors and labels...please tell me I'm not the only one that buys bottles based on the labels.



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