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Tuesday Thrift ... #flowers

I have mentioned many times that Mondays around here are for restocking the house with fresh flowers.  Since yesterday was a holiday ... today was flower day! My favorite things to fill with flowers are my vintage finds.

These are the four I have collected for today ... and I am mixing some yellow roses that I have left over from last week.  If I change the water mid week, I have found the roses will last about two weeks!  So I pitch the ones that are two weeks old and save the week old ones and use the new ones to mix in!

Today's Whole Paycheck haul resulted in one dozen pink roses and a bunch of three huge antique Hydrangea blooms which were on sale!  

The yellow tea pot will stay in the kitchen and the two blue and white ones will head up to the master for our bedside tables!

The yellow roses (from last week) got re-trimmed and new water and a new vessel and moved to the front door.  The one bloom on the right was looking a smidge off, he may need to be moved to the back.  But all in all, they will make it almost the whole week.  Luckily ... its a short one!

And if you count you will notice that I only used five pink roses in each blue and white vase.  The rest, along with more yellow roses from last week are in the powder room in another one of my favorite blue and white containers.  If you would like to pop in to help me finish this weekend's wine and cheese left overs, you are more than welcome to!  xo 

Fresh flowers and a candle burning in the house and it feels fresh and welcoming to me!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Flowers, vintage finds, wine and cheese...just say when!! Now you have me singing, "these are a few of my favorite things". And, have to tell hubby about Whole Paycheck...he would totally agree. Oh, and I have purchased those hydrangeas from WF and they dry beautifully...just let the water dry out in the vase.



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