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Tuesday Thrift ... #goldleaf

Ok, I am about to admit something that may shock you.  I recently bought my very first tube of Rub & Buff.

Do you need a minute? 

I know, its shocking ... but it's true!  I had never used Rub & Buff before.  And not to worry, I am using the heck out of it now, probably more than I should be.  But what doesn't need a touch of Gold Leaf in your life??

Oh, and yes that is one jacked up gel mani ... but in my defense, it was Labor Day weekend and I was doing yard work.  

Back to my story ... I had this wonderful oil painting I found at Goodwill and it needed a frame.  After checking my usual spots for awesome frames, I headed to Hobby Lobby to see what I could find and stumbled onto a sale on open back frames!  

I chose this one, but did not like the color at all.  My first thought was to paint the frame a fun color, but since the oil painting itself was full of color, I decided gold would be a better option.  I had planned on my go to gold spray paint when I remembered Amanda using something to make her antique mirror gold leaf.  

I was so unfamiliar with Rub & Buff that I had to scour the store to locate it and then read the instructions to figure out how to apply it.  Little did I know that when its called Rub & Buff, you literally rub it on and buff it up. 

Holy light bulb moment for moi. I am truly embarrassed to tell you I had never used this product before.  Seriously, where have I been?

After rushing home to fix up my new frame, I must have spent hours that day walking around the house and making my finds gold leaf ... 

The frame from above ... in its new gold leaf glory!  

Don't you love my $3.93 oil painting?  

I also gold leafed this frame for the bar area!  And I can't wait to show you the entire bar very soon. The electrician has rescheduled for today to hang the brass lotus pendants!  I am so excited to see them hung and call the bar area finished!

And this beyond amazing oil now hanging in the study!  The gold leaf area was red when I purchased it last week, and I just used a tooth brush and my Rub & Buff and removed that red stripe to make the painting even more fabulous then it was when I spotted it!  Pics of the finished study are in the queue as well.  I love the rug and the only thing I am missing for this room is a chandy!!

So, confession time.  Is there anything you have seen others use that you have never tried?  Something small, but life changing?

Surely I can't be the only one ...



  1. I have never tried this either!! I bet once I do there will be no going back!

  2. Love how the frame turned out! And, the paintings are all beautiful.
    As to the something I've seen but have not tried...I'll have to think on that one ;-)

  3. I haven't tried it either! Guess it's high time!

  4. looks perfect, paige!! I will need to try this.... my husband already calls me goldfinger with the spray paint. :)

  5. I have some but haven't used it yet. Thanks for the encouragement. Did you apply it with your finger? What a difference it makes!

  6. Besides picture frames I've used R&B on a chandy, metal Ikea bookcases, drawer hardware and to gold feet a few tables. Have fun finding places to uses it, it's my go to "craft"

  7. I haven't tried this yet, either. Was thinking about trying it on a brass plate that backs one of our door handles -- once dry will it rub off? I'm hesitant to try it on something that we'll be touching a lot... but I know people use it on hardware all the time.

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