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Week recap ... #holycruditsbeenalongtwoweeks

I am pretty much a homebody when it comes to travel.  My husband travels every single week, yet I am the one who usually stays close to home!  After back to back long weekends away I am beyond pooped.  Honestly, I don't know how he does it.

Oh yes I do ... he has a wife!

Anyone else need a wife besides moi??

So I got home last Sunday from the breast cancer walk only to not be able to move for two days, ran around like my hair was on fire for a day, realized I had a staph infection in my ankle late Thursday and then left town to paint the town red again on Friday.  Oy ... still pooped!

My house is a mess, my suitcase may or may not have just made it into the house, my calendar is all jacked up and I don't know if I am coming or going ... but its all good.  I will sort it out before Monday!!

High Point was everything I dreamed it was and way more.  I will post about my experience on Monday but I will say this.  I am humbled and overwhelmed by my time there.  It was such a treat to see my amazingly talented best friends experience the recognition they deserve!  It was one event after another and then the evenings were back to back parties.  I met so many amazing people, some famous and some not, and each one made me feel like someone incredibly special!!!  It was a whirlwind trip that I will detail for you next week.  I am still soaking it all in!  In April I have sworn to stay the entire market time.  I just missed Carson Kressley and it took me at least part of the day after dancing the night away with Thom Filicia.  I needed at least two more days!!

The One Room Challenge is moving right along, we just finished week 4.  Sort of freaking out on the work yet to be completed, but trusting in my abilities to get it all done!  Yesterday the ceiling was painted and the water closet got its bottom coat in prep for me to create the stripes.  

With every single thing I cross off the list I feel less anxiety!  The 4th week is always the freak out week for me and then it always falls into place.  Now that most of the painting is crossed off the list I am feeling a smidge better!  Keeping the faith ... 

Yesterday was a complete cluster of a morning.  I posted my ORC update the night before and then completely forgot to link up, I ran over a nail which has rendered my tire in need of replacing, I completely forgot to do something for school and then I was rear ended.  Like CLUSTER.  

And then I received an email from Jennifer asking me to call her regarding an order I was placing for art for my master bathroom.  We chatted on the phone forever and the crazy, cluster of a day completely melted away.  Well, all but the minor whiplash.  She is truly a precious woman.  So kind, so real and so generous.  She made me feel so special and we chose my art for the space while chatting away.  I am blessed to own two sets of her art and am reminded of her daily when I see them.  The art on its way to me will be my third set, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  

I truly can not complete a ORC without art from The Pink Pagoda!  

Hope your weekend is lovely.  Our weather is divine and I plan on soaking up some serious time at the house!!


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  1. I am exhausted just reading your post! Whew. Girl, you definitely need a wife. (I would volunteer except I am keeping a certain mister in line ;-) I know the ORC Master Bath redo will be fabulous!!



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