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One Room Challenge Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed week 1 and 2, you can catch up herehere and here.  

I am attempting to make over our master bathroom ... I say attempting because bathrooms are so hard and I am not even changing the foot print of the space.  Maybe if I had gutted the whole thing it wouldn't be so hard.  But I didn't so I have to make it work with the $$ I have!

Sigh ... 

I should rename this "How to redo your bathroom with new wallpaper and a Homegoods" !!

I digress ... 

Here is the mood board for the space ~ 

And I am sticking to it ... somewhat, but the feel with definitely be exactly the same!

Here is the work for this week ~

Taking Amanda's advice, I created a very girly area on the vanity side.  I purchased an amazing lamp from Homegoods which I immediately brought home and dropped, smashing it into a million and one pieces.  I then realized that I had the perfect tole lamp in my work area.  Do not be shocked that I do not know what all is in that space.  It is a hot mess to say the least!

Yes, it was the perfect yellow pop for the counter!  

Paired with my vanity tray and my favorite things from my counter ... 

It will be absolutely perfect once I cover the shade with the check fabric!  I guess I should be happy the perfect lamp shattered ... sigh!

I removed all the art, etc from the walls and only hung what I know will stay.  That way when the wallpaper is hung in 8 or so days, I will know what holes need to be made in the wallpaper and won't need to panic.  

All great things ... just need to find new homes in our house!  And maybe some will head to Etsy, can't be sure!

These frames will contain art from The Pink Pagoda.  And yes, I am recycling clearance frames from Homegoods. The perfect size, I love the molding and who can beat $12 for this size frame?

I also set up the rest of the styled items ... sorting thru my thrifted finds and of course, adding a custom monogrammed candle!  It's my thing, what can I say?

I re-gifted this bamboo shelf from our master bedroom to here ... in the bathroom!  I really want the master suite to be a place of rest, tranquility and retreat from our busy family.  I love this little "spa" area I have created.  The hubs won't like that it is right in the way of him exiting the shower, but we will all adjust.  xo 

Fresh flowers, books, magazines, bath bombs, nail polish ... 

my Domino collection, teas ... almost everything I could think of to make me feel relaxed and renewed!

I am thrilled with this re-gift!

My absolute favorite detail of this week is the cabinets ... oh my word, I am over the moon!!

Basically stealing this amazing idea from Abby M Interiors, I painted the sides and insides of the cabinets.  I originally planned to go with yellow, but when I tried to pick a yellow I liked, it just didn't work.  So turquoise it is!!!  

Don't you love them??

And just to give you a visual of the cabinets before ... here they all in all their building grade glory.  Painted a grey/white and looking like they needed a week in the sun!

And here are the in progress pics!  All the holes are being patched and new brass hardware attached.  The drawers will have a single brass knob and the doors have the MOST AMAZING DOUBLE HAPPINESS PULLS!

I mean I scored these babies for $2 each and they rock my world!  They definitely make me soo much happier walking into the bathroom!!!

Next week it will be all about paint and fabric ... 

See you then, until then check up on the remaining linking partners here!



  1. Love it! Love the idea of painting the inside of the drawers! Might have to do that with my makeup drawer.

  2. I am serious, those pulls! I die...Looking good, I can't wait to see the wallpaper :)

  3. You dropped the lamp? Poop. Good thing you are a hoarder:) It's looking good...! Can't wait to see the wallpaper:)

  4. Yes, hoarding does have its advantages. That lamp is too cute and the hardware is divine!

  5. The pulls are amazing and I love the regency vibe you have going on with all your styling pieces!

  6. Sorry about the lamp...I just that little poodle cup holder, and the ring pull. Good job finishing up.

  7. Those pulls are definitely happiness in brass form. LOVE. The turquoise looks smashing too. Wish I had a lil rattan etagere to re-gift myself for my bathroom. Can't wait for the reveal!

  8. exciting! can't wait to see your reveal!! Love. It. All.

  9. Bummer about your lamp, I'm sure scoring the pulls made up for it ~ they're the detail that will take it over the top!!

  10. Love the turquoise inside the drawers! And those pulls are amazing! It may be a sign that the lamp broke... I LOVE the one u had!

  11. Love the cabinet hardware!! And hurry up on that wallpaper -- I'm dying!!!!

  12. Yes to the painted sides of drawers! I love the cabinet pulls!!!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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