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One Room Challenge ... the deets

First of all I must say I am overwhelmed by your comments and love for our new bathroom!  We are seriously loving it and every time I catch a glimpse of the wallpaper my heart skips a beat!  It's soo good and matches perfectly with our bedroom ... well it will even more after I #makenewdrapes!

 The mood board for this room really is what kept me focused during all the times I thought I was losing my mind!  I am so thankful I made it and stuck with the ideas that started the changes.  It was so stressful between weeks 4 and 6 that it would have been easy to just scrap something I had planned for and loved just to finish.  I am so thankful I didn't give in!  The only change I made to the board was the lamp and the mirror and I am thrilled with both changes ... otherwise, it's spot on. 

Let's break down the room ... 

I had three goals for this room .... color, remove all I could of the builder grade elements and take down the wall of mirrors that greeted me each day.  I think I accomplished all three.  The color is all I could ask for and way more.  I was working off the color palette from our master bedroom which is chocolate, yellow and turquoise.  

The flow is seamless for me ... and will be even more now that I have decided to take the left over buffalo check fabric and make panels for our windows.  That turquoise and white pop on my chocolate walls will be just what the doctor ordered for moi!  xo

I absolutely love the vanity area ... an area I truly never used before.  I am on the hunt for a mirror to use in the area, but for now ... its perfect.  I love the stool (thrifted) and the lamp (found in my work area) and the mix of the lucite tray I scored two trips ago to Minneapolis makes it work perfectly!  I made the skirt for the vanity area by cutting the fabric two widths wide for the finished space, hemming it and then ruffling it on my own using a small piece of trim and my staple gun.  I can not take credit for this idea ... I saw my bestie Amanda do it and decided why reinvent the wheel when she has clearly already worked out the kinks?  I stapled both ends to the trim, then stapled the center point, then the centers of those points and then randomly stapled for a ruffled effect.  Easy peasy!!

I owe you a tutorial on making shades, I haven't forgotten.  I scored the finial on Etsy, the blanc de chines locally in an antique store and the rest I already owned.  That is the beauty of buying what you love, it always works!

The striped water closet is one of my favorite elements.  I just love the contrast.  Stripes are easy to paint, just very time consuming with all the measuring and taping.  The worst thing you can do is mess up your taping and then the whole wall gets painted at an angle.  Measure, measure, remeasure and use a yard stick and the biggest level you can score.  I promise, its so worth it!

The valance was dreamed up after I picked up the shower curtain.  I absolutely loved the finished product and left the upholstery spa fabric remnants to make the valance.  I have a shower curtain, a valance and still have left overs from one queen size sheet set from HomeGoods.  Score of the year peeps!

Let's talk about that shower curtain ... 

Yes, it is hiding a glass shower door ... but a door I wasn't in love with and didn't have the funds to redo.  This bathroom was all about keeping the footprint (which I do love) and making it work with what you have on a budget.  

You don't have to knock down walls and scour expensive new pieces to get a bathroom you absolutely long to hang out in ... I did it and have no regrets.  And my budget was tight!  Thank goodness for BFFs and sources. 

That sheet set from HomeGoods cost me $39.99 and I used the heck out of it.  I have just enough to use on a small project ... maybe napkins for a gift or small shades.  It will come in handy!

The art!  Oh my goodness.  This art makes the space for me!!  I have to start at the day I spoke to Jennifer and she told me she was gifting me this amazing set.  It wasn't a great day, ok I was a terrible one!  I had already had issues with carpool and being a mom that morning and the day before was bad as well.  I was heading home from grabbing flowers to fluff my house and restart my day and I was rear ended.  No damage to my car (she's a beast), but the mother in the car behind me ended up in hand cuffs and her babies in the care of people they didn't know.  It was awful, I cried my eyes out and then realized my neck hurt and my shoulders weren't much better. A cup of hot tea, some Advil and checked my email seeing a note from Jennifer asking me to call her ... which I did immediately!!

We spoke for quite some time and I immediately fell in love.  She is warm, precious and so humble and just what I needed to redirect myself that day. I soaked up our entire conversation and at the end she asked me about the art I wanted for my bathroom.  

We discussed pattern and she recommended the blue based on my blog posts and then she told me she was gifting me the art.  Gifting it to me.  It was her gift to me.  

I am still blown away.  She created and sent me the perfect art for my room and I could not ever thank her enough!  She made that week something different than what it was.  One busted can of biscuits week into a warm and giving one.  Jennifer ... they are perfect and I sit in my tub and think of you!  Thank you! 

My sconces came from and the mirrors from HomeGoods.  The small drum shades on the sconces are from Lowe's and you should all go get some.  $6 ... and they are the perfect shade!  The faucets are from Home Depot and were labeled "builder" which almost made me walk right past them.  So glad I didn't ... they are perfect and do not steal the show.  

My double happiness sconces and blue plates were all thrifted ... but the darling Hermes tray art is from Etsy.  

I found the bamboo blind at Lowe's in the perfect size it needed to be ... and I added the Greek key trim to make it the amazing shade it is now.  I grabbed that trim when I bought the buffalo check fabric hoping I would find a way to use it and this idea came at the 11th hour.  Funny what stress, lack of sleep and too many drinks can create!  xo 

The tortoise brush and mirror were thrifted long ago ... and I still love them!  They are making their debut in this space.  Hoarding does have its bonuses!

The blue and white pieces were also thrifted that Monday with Lance ... it was a good find day ... and the candle is adorned with a monogram cut by HKL Designs and created for me by Number Four Eleven!

The Greek key canisters are from HomeGoods, the brass tray from Etsy and the precious pups were a gift from my BFF on his last trip to Savannah.  I just love this grouping ... it ties in so many things I love!

Flowers are from Whole Foods.  I can not say it enough ... splurge on the large roses from Whole Paycheck ... they will shine for you every, single, time!!

Thank you again to Linda for creating this amazing challenge which is one room at a time changing my life.  I have pushed myself harder than I thought possible ... accomplished more than I ever knew I wanted and have three rooms to show for my hard work.  

I am thrilled to hear you love the space as much as I do ... its a great, happy space and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!  If I didn't answer something or you want more ... just leave me a comment and I will make it happen!!



  1. AMAZING girlfriend! Love it all right down to the littlest details.

  2. Can't get enough of this amazing space! Down to ever last detail. Lovelovelove

  3. Jennifer was a sweetie to do that...especially after your day! Love how your bath turned out!



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