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Tuesday Thrift & Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #minneapolis

I am quickly recovering from my long weekend in Minneapolis ... it was a cold, snuggly weekend with tons of bestie time and shopping mixed in!  In other words ... perfection!

My weekend started early Thursday morning as the One Room Challenge hit the net and I was greeted at the airport will so many emails and comments on the space!  It was like Christmas morning with tons of pressies and love!!  I am in the process of responding to each and every comment ... I may be half way there!  xo 

I went to Minny to see my best friend Holly.  As I have mentioned before we met in college and have been sidekicks ever since.  Coming from a strange home life Holly was the first person to make me feel fully accepted and loved as a friend and woman.  We met at pivotal times in both our lives and her wisdom truly did save my life ... more than once!  Twenty years, marriages, babies, another marriage (her, not me) more babies and her two moves and we are still two halves of a whole.  I shared on Instagram this weekend that I am blessed to have a solid triangle of best friends that I chose not to live without.  Without the support and unconditional love of Holly, David and Lance I am less of a woman, wife, mother and friend.  Each of them lifts me up, encourages me on and continually points me to my Savior.  What more can a girl ask for?

Ok, enough of the deep stuff ... let's talk drinking and shopping!!!

Each morning started just like this ... Stewart snuggles and lattes.  I so miss being able to fit a small one in the crook of my legs.  Luckily for me ... Stewart climbed right in with his blanket and snuggled for hours.  Sigh ... I miss my babies being little!

Holly was on a mission to find outfits for tons of out of town events so we hit the Mall of America almost every single day I was there.  It was like dressing Skipper's little sister ... seriously the girl is so tiny and every single thing looks good on her!  Sangria and salads for lunch helped keep us sane in the midst of so many people in the mall.  This apple cider sangria will be making a Thanksgiving appearance at my house.  It was perfect for the chill in the air and the falling leaves outside!

A trip to the Nordy makeup counter got Holly some amazing new eye makeup and me some new lipstick.  I just love this quote from Bobbi Brown ... and I completely agree.  I feel like the colors I wear on my lips change the feel of my total outfit.  The brighter it is the sassier I feel! 

We shopped for hours putting together so many fab outfits for her ... and then we found ourselves at dinner with more sangria.  This one was Pomegranate ... and it will be making a debut in December.  Holy Sangria weekend ... I just couldn't stop ordering it!

 On Sunday, after a sangria and Big Bowl lunch, we headed to Edina to hit up my favorite antique store Hunt and Gather.  Y'all ... every single time I visit the inside looks completely different and this time was no different!  I just spend hours in here trying my darnedest to soak it all in!!  Just look at the outside ... that awning and those bells stopped me in my tracks.  I snapped a ton of pics and the entire time Holly was yelling at me wondering why I was subjecting myself to bitter cold for a pic of an awning.    

She's all human resources and practical and I am creative and spontaneous.  

So much gold flatware to chose from ... I really wanted it all, but since it was priced by the piece I settled for just serving pieces!  Though I am dreaming of more and I have the H and G number on my speed dial!

Every single year I swear I will make a vintage wreath and this year it will happen.  This one was amazing and if I didn't have to find a way to squeeze it in my luggage I would have snagged it up!  

This mirror was sooo good.  And yes, that is my reflection in it.  I have absolutely not one more space for a mirror, but if I did this would be it.  I just love this piece!  Oh, and those leggings stopped traffic more than once in Edina.  Apparently layering with leopard leggings is new for them!  

This lamp ... loved it, but no room in the Inn!

Vintage fabric gets me each and every time!

This chandy ... also soo good, and once again ... no room in the Inn.

I should have grabbed both of these pieces.  They were so unusual and would be perfect for a gallery wall.  And the price was so cheap!

I love some people ... and these would have squeezed in my carry on!  

Ugh ... what was I thinking?  Oh yes, my brain was filled with Sangria and cloudy for sure!

I squeezed in an almond latte and made my decisions on what I needed wanted ... I do have some regrets ... but like I said I have their number on speed dial in case something I left behind keeps me up at night!

I came home with a set of gold flatware serving pieces (already set out for Thanksgiving), a bundle of amazing long feathers (also ready for their Thanksgiving debut), a brass happy for Lance (shh, he hasn't seen it yet) 6 white ruffled bone plates (to die for) and 3 monogrammed gold edged M bread plates!  Unpacking it all has spurned my Thanksgiving table plans a smidge early.  It's ok, its keeping me from wanting to make this place scream Christmas way too early!!

Happy Hump Day ... 



  1. What a fabulous trip. I could get lost in that store for hours as well!!

  2. You are a trend setter! Love the leopard! I need that mirror pronto!! xxoo



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