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Thanksgiving Prep ...

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I am in full prep mode for the house full we are expecting on Thursday!  I could not be more excited!  Nothing says thankful to me than to be surrounded by laughter, family and best friends!!

I started with this table setting a few weeks ago and then added on two extra tables to seat all of our guests!  We are up to 22 and will need three rooms to seat them all!

This is the dining room set up ... I am using my burlap chargers I found at Hobby Lobby in each room and my blue and white dishes to make it feel consistent even though each room is quite different.  

This setting is for the kitchen table ... I tried to make sure the feel was the same ... swapping up the order of the Friendly Village dishes with the blue and white!  I just love these feathers I brought home from Minneapolis ... I so wish I had purchased more of them!

The study table ... I think I mentioned before how excited I am that we have a full table in the study to seat for this event.  I love how each table feels the same but is so different!  The green gingham runner in the study is perfect for the green and turquoise decor!  

I rented 8 gold Chivari chairs to help seat our guests and it will take all the discipline I have to return them.  I just love these chairs ... and in gold ... YES PLEASE!!  

I am so excited to be using my cups and napkins from Natalie Chang this weekend!  She is just darling and a dear friend and her designs are so amazing!

These cups and napkins will remind me of why we are gathered and celebrating ... I have so many things to be thankful for this year!  

And lastly I may be most excited about using my new gold serving pieces!  This collection of them I saw in Minneapolis still makes my heart skip a beat!  Just look at that gold goodness!  

I am off to start my cooking ... I have only finished the sweet potatoes and quickly learned we only own two small pyrex pans ... yes, I said only 2.  I guess if I cooked more I would notice that we only own two of them.  I must remedy this quickly or today's cooking will be quite difficult!

May your day be filled with love and family and your after turkey nap be long and cozy!  


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Paige! Love that each is unique, but blends seamlessly together. Oh, and I was the one missing pyrex dishes last year!!
    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!



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