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100 things about me ...

In 2008 I made a list of 100 things about myself.  I remember the day I made it.  As I sat in front of the computer I was sure I would never come up with a 100 things about myself.  I was sure I would have to make stuff up. 

And then I starting typing and the numbers kept coming and I kept writing.  I learned a lot about myself writing that list ... and here I am 7 years later and the list is still 100 percent accurate!

I wrote the post as my 100th post for the blog ... wow, that was a whole lot of posts ago ... 


Yesterday was the 100th post ... but since I was just posting an answer to questions I am not counting it. Here is 100 things about me ... hope you enjoy!

1. I was married in August of 1995. He is ten years older than me and most of the time I love it!  The only time I really notice it is when he quotes movies or music.  Then the gap just seems HUGE!
2. I was married during a hurricane in Central Florida. The only time it didn’t rain was during our outside photos. Other than that it poured!

3. To this day I love rain – it is very romantic to me! A rainy day and cuddling with the kids and a movie – nothing better!

4. I love pajamas … I love everything about them. They must be a matching set for me to fall in love with them and I prefer them ironed and monogrammed!

5. I want the first cup of coffee in the morning. There is nothing better than the first cup. It has a completely different flavor. It is almost as good as a pressed cup of coffee. I LOVE a coffee press!
6. I do not like condiments of any kind!
7. I do not eat leftover seafood. Love it the first day, but do not think I will eat it as leftovers.
8. I do not like socks and I hate underwear!
9. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a Grande Non-fat Latte. In the summer I order it on ice.
10. I prefer to sleep under a down comforter. I do not care if it is 112 degrees outside. Crank down the air and put me under a down comforter!
11. I am claustrophobic.
12. I hate to drive in the car. Forget long car rides or tons of errands all in one day! I get car sick if I do not drive. Also, refer to #11!
13. I get migraines all the time! Sometimes they make me sick and sometimes they just hurt like hell!
14. I love Law & Order … any time, any version … Love them all!  My ring tone when the hubs calls is the Law & Order theme.  I mean, he is a lawyer!
15. I fall asleep every time I lay down on the couch! It is a problem, but it is true! Do not invite me over to watch a movie and let me lay down on your couch!
16. I have a chalk phobia … I do not like to touch it, use it or see it! It completely creeps me out!
17. The sight of blood makes me weak in the knees. If you come to me and are bleeding, I will probably throw up and may even pass out!
18. I love a tidy house. Monica Geller is my middle name.
19. I hate food to be eaten in my car. You can have drinks, but those still make me nervous.  
20. I love the smell of Sharpies and love to use them! My favorite Sharpie is the kind you can click with one hand. I do not care what color Sharpie … they are all good.
21. I hate to work out! I love the way it feels when I am done, but I hate the process, all of it!
22. I love both red and white wine.
23. I love both coffee and hot tea! If I am tired, I need coffee ... If I am stressed, I need tea. like both my coffee and hot tea unsweetened with just a splash of half and half. I love my iced tea sweet and I love to put mint leaves and orange slices in it in the summer.
24. I love both Vodka and Bourbon … but for very different things. Vodka Tonics are for spring and summer and Bourbon and Ginger are for fall and winter.
25. I do like Beer, but I prefer Sam Adams and even better one of the seasonal lagers, especially the Winter Lager. It should be extra cold and even icy if possible.
26. Soda is not really my thing … but bring me a Mr. Pibb or a Diet Coke and we can probably talk!
27. I am not athletic … I have terrible depth perception! Remember #21?
28. I do not like to wear tennis shoes. Probably because of #8 and yet another reason for #21.
29. I do not like my first name … Marla, I mean, really? What kind of name is Marla?  I tried to drop my first name when I got married until I saw my monogram. pMs … for real? Marla it is!
30. I love monograms and crave to have all my things monogrammed. Shoot, I would monogram my kids if I could!
31. My favorite car is a platinum grey Range Rover.
32. I was born three weeks late. I was due on 12/18 and I was born 1/6!
33. I have three kids and none of them was born past their due dates. Each one came a week sooner than the last!
34. I love to paint … rooms that is!
35. I love plaid. I love all plaids. And I love to mix them.
36. I love to listen to music and I like it LOUD!
37. I love to drive with my windows down and the sunroof open. And of course to top it off … see #36!
38. I hate carpet … hard woods only for me, please! Have you seen the crap that gets caught in carpet? When I ripped it up in our first house I almost got sick!
39. My favorite color is pink!  But truly I haven't met a color I didn't like!  Well, that isn't completely true.  Refer to #41. 
40. I do not like to wear yellow – I just feel like it makes me look odd. 
41. I hate purple!
42. My favorite book is Pride & Prejudice. Awesome book, I could reread it time and time again.
43. I am afraid of heights.
44. I do not like elevators, especially glass ones.
45. The perfect drink (except cocktails) comes in a Styrofoam cup with crushed ice! If Chickfila only had crushed ice I would never need to go to Sonic or the Quik Trip. But since they do not have great iced tea I rarely go there!
46. My favorite ice cream is Creamsicle – orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.
47. My favorite fruit is a mango.
48. I love accessories – all of them. The best are scarves, shoes, bangles and bags of all kinds. The only exception to shoes is #28.
49. I graduated from college with a pre law degree. My mother did not think fashion was a good major. After two years as a paralegal I quit and took a job as a store manager selling men’s clothing and worked my way up from there. I loved it and never looked back!
50. I love to shop and all things fashion including fashion magazines.
51. I loathe runway shows. The models scare me! 
52. I will sacrifice warmth for fashion any day!!
53. My favorite place to shop is TJ Maxx and Nordstrom. You can find all kinds of high end products if you wander enough in TJ Maxx and who doesn't love getting lost in Nordstrom!
54. I love the name Kate!
55. I love the name Henry!
56. My husband is the perfect height … my face fits right into his neck!
57. I love the crack and smell of a real fire. We have gas logs and I am always wanting to reach in and rip them out!
58. I am neat and my husband is very messy. He makes me crazy and the sight of his messes makes me itch!
59. I love to ski – this is odd considering #43.
60. I do not function well if the house is not tidy. If the house is messy and I do not have a cocktail on board, I will not sleep well.
61. Numbers are very easy for me to memorize. If I dial a number a few times it is burned into my memory!
62. I love to vacuum.
63. I love to sleep on clean sheets.  Iron them and monogram them and I will propose marriage.
64. If my bed was not made in the morning I will not sleep well that night. I usually have to make the bed and then get into it. I know … Monica Geller!
65. I love to laugh.
66. I love to sing, but I am not very good at it at all!
67. I do not like to write letters, but I love cards.
68. I enjoy reading magazines. My favorite time to read them is the late afternoon when the kids are having down time. The best time is Sunday afternoon after lunch with a Latte from the Lucky Buck!
69. I love all things vintage or antique. I can get lost in an antique store for days!
70. I only enjoy doing laundry if I use Gain detergent; Gain fabric softener and Gain bounce sheets. If I am missing one element I don’t wash clothes! And only the original scent for me, please!
71. I hate the grocery store!  I call it the market just to make it seem less mundane.
72. I love the book store … I can spend way too much buying books for the kids! Oh and magazines!
73. I really enjoy bonding with my kids’ teachers … if I do not hit it off with them it will be a very long year!
74. I am very insecure at times.  But deep down aren't we all!
75. I hate going to meetings or parties where I know no one! I probably will regret! Probably because of #74 and a very strange childhood.
76. I do not love to cook!  When the hubs travels I use the oven to store bread.  Yep, its true. 
77. I am a semi vegetarian. My husband only eats meat, potatoes and bread. I hate meat of most kinds. So far chicken breasts that are free of skin and bones seafood is still ok. But not if it involves #7.
78. I love the beach! I am of course afraid of being eaten by a shark! Watching my kids swim out really far is hard for me to do. You know – because of the shark thing.
79. I am a procrastinator. I hate this about myself! It is so strange to me because I am so anal and type A. I guess you could call it my dirty little secret. 
80. I have never traveled to Europe … I know very sad! I have been to both Mexico and Canada.

81. My favorite food is Thai. I love it and could eat it three times a week. My favorite way to eat Thai food is out of the take out box with chopsticks.  I am also addicted to Mexican food and eat it about three times a week in one form or another.  My comfort food is pasta.  You would think with how much I love to eat I would love to cook. 

82. I love to eat al fresco. Any meal is better when you eat outside.
83. I loathe camping! All the dirt and bugs – no thank you!
84. As I child I used to love to go hunting with my Dad. This probably seems strange since I do not like to camp, do not eat meat and the whole animal shooting thing. It must have been the quality time spent with him.
85. I speak Spanish … but not very well! I understand way more than I speak.
86. My mother, my grandmother and I were all married in August.
87. I have been to Disney World a gazillion times and have never paid to get in. It is the most magical place on Earth!  When my parents got divorced my dad went to work for Disney.  We would go so much and for a while I had my own name tag and id to get in.
88. I was born in Oceanside, California on a military base. I have never visited this area of California, but would love to go back.
89. I would like to visit each state in the United States … to date I am only up to 20. (7 years later I can add more to the list!)
90. I love to walk barefoot in the grass … but not if it is wet.
91. I am a flip flop whore. I have tons of them and love them all!
92. My dream is to have my best friend live next door and raise our kids together. Currently I live in Georgia and she lives in California. But we are working on it.
93. I love to play games. My oldest child loves to play Rummikub and Scrabble, my middle child loves Uno and my baby girl loves Go Fish. They are all really good and very hard to beat!
94. I like all of those games, but my favorites are Yahtzee and Scrabble.
95. My dream is to do the New York Times crossword puzzle and know the answers.
96. My grandfather taught me to play cards when I was very little. He would hold my cards together with a clothes pin because my hands were too small to hold the cards myself.
97. I spent most of my summers with my grandparents and these are my most fond childhood memories. 
98. All of my children have family names. My husband has a family only rule. The only exception … my daughter’s middle name is my best friends. As far as I am concerned she is family!
99. I love to be creative – which is probably why I own a monogramming machine and vinyl machine and watch You Tube videos to learn to do things. 
100. Making this list has taught me so much about myself … every one should make one! I may even continue this one!

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Friday!

Chin Chin ... 


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  2. This is so awesome! I think I'll try to make a list too!

    Love the blog update Paige.


  3. so interesting -- didn't think I'd make it to the bottom, then couldn't stop reading . . . .

  4. This is inspired! I had the same thought - "Can I think of 100 things"? and then I laughed through this one thinking either - "oh yeah, that's totally me' or 'nope, I like socks!!!" and I'm going to fess up when I read you had a monogramming machine I got jealous!! I would use that sucker on everything!!!! I would be out of control. Loved this :)

  5. Should you make it to Haven again this year I will be sure to have a Mr. Pibb in hand when I see you!



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