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Inspiration du jour ... #coffeetablebooks

I have become completely addicted to coffee table books.  So much so that I am trading my magazine subscriptions to use the funds to purchase books instead!  I have quite a good collection going and have collected my favorites for you.  The ones I have listed have one thing in common ... tons of color, amazing photos and inspiration for days!

This book is amazing and will inspire you beyond any expectations.  Our pink dining room is the exact pink of the room on the cover!  

New to my collection and I have enjoyed it so much.  I love her style and she is so honest with her stories.  My favorite is her sketch of a photo shoot as one would think it would look like vs. reality.  She is spot on!

No words necessary on this one.  Sooo good.

A hostess gift I received this Christmas and its fantastic.

I love Kate Spade.  Enough said.

This book is gorgeous and Danielle is incredibly talented.  She also couldn't be lovelier in person.

Also a new score and such a good choice.  The photos are to die for.  Veranda is still one of my go to mags for reading on trips!

These books piled up would make a colorful stack and provide you with inspiration for days!  

ps ... these are on my wish list.  I mean the Hubs does read my blog!  xo

Amazon Prime babe ... its an easy two clicks and the card is already stored!  xo

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. I picked up Danielle's book a few weeks back, and it is amazing! And, while I have not met her in person she seems so genuine. I know I would instantly like her. Love all your other picks. Some are on my list to pick up.



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