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Girl Talk ... Cotton + Quill

I am so thrilled you love the new series ... it's a personal favorite of mine since I get to chat with talented women.  The field of design and the blog world is full of amazing, talented women that I am dying to get to know.  And who doesn't love some girl talk?

Today's post is a super treat for me.  Not only is she a friend but I admire her beyond words.  I met the precious Mary Catherine of Cotton + Quill about a year ago in High Point where she was showing her amazing fabric line with Taylor Burke Home.  Her designs are show stopping and I just love every single thing about her.  She is fun, smart and a wealth of inspiration with her fun designs and amazing choice of colors.    If you aren't familiar with Cotton + Quill prepare for some serious eye candy and design inspiration.  If you already know the adorable Mary Catherine then you are just as excited as I am for today's girl talk!

Girl Talk with Mary Catherine Folmar

What inspired you to create Cotton + Quill?

I decided to start Cotton + Quill after leaving my design job in Atlanta to move to Birmingham and get married.  Cotton + Quill was a way for me to still express my creativity and love for design through combining my art, passion of interior design and textiles and background in Industrial Design.  Basically Cotton + Quill allowed me to provide art for peoples homes and lives through the use of textiles rather than framed on the wall....although I have framed some fabric as well.

What did you do before Cotton + Quill?

Before Cotton + Quill, I interned as an Industrial Designer at Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey, graduated from Auburn in Industrial Design and then worked as an Environmental Graphic Designer for sky design in Atlanta.

What inspires you in your patterns?

I was very fortunate while growing up and while at Auburn to be able to travel and study abroad.  Many of my designs are inspired from studying abroad in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but I also draw inspiration from many years vacationing on the coast.  

Do you have a favorite pattern or series?

My absolute favorite pattern is probably the Koi from the Shangrila Collection.  This pattern took many hours to create and was directly inspired from the photos I took and from sketches in my sketchbook done while studying in Taiwan - I also love how simply the change of a color can take this pattern from being somewhat traditional to being a bold statement piece.  I also love the Deco Collection because it was such a fun collection to create - I mean who wouldn’t be inspired by the likes of Jay Gatsby and Fitzgerald?  And I can’t leave out the foo dogs.....and our newest Regency Collection as well.....creating each new collection gets more exciting every time - it really is hard trying to pick a favorite....but I am a little biased ;)

I absolutely love your designs.  My favorite thing about them is that they can be ordered in custom colors.  What is your favorite custom item that was ordered?

I adore the recent collaboration with Lisa Mende - she is currently working on a project where she is incorporating some patterns from our Deco Collection and she requested we do our newest Elsie pattern in a bold black and white - I just got in the fabric today and it is one of my favorites, bold, classic.

Wallpaper is a new addition for you.  Has it done well?

The wallpaper is definitely catching on and in full force.  We recently collaborated with Emily McCarthy to introduce a new collection through Cotton + Quill - our first project was wallpaper in a playful pink bamboo, flamingo and palm pattern - absolutely adorable!!  The new metallic grass cloth has also been a hit - it is so fun to see how each of our textile designs transforms into paper form.

I am absolutely in love with your team up with Emily McCarthy on her nursery.  The pattern she created looks amazing as Cotton + Quill wallpaper.  Do you do custom work like this a lot?

I am super excited about this collaboration and cannot wait to reveal all of the collection at High Point in April!  While I do a lot of custom work for designers, I am very selective when it comes to full out collaborations.  The designer or artist’s style I am collaborating with really has to resonate with Cotton + Quill and fit with our brand.  I definitely think that Emily McCarthy’s style fits perfectly with Cotton + Quill’s bold and punchy patterns.....and who wouldn’t want to work with an incredibly talented and sweet person like Emily?  

What are five must haves for you?

Hmmm.... #1 up above, Sleep, Sun, Wine, and Support from Family, Friends and Colleagues

What are five things only those closest to you know?

 Oh gosh - let me think....
1)   My partner in crime is known as “monkey”
2)   I grew up a bit of a tomboy....wearing Umbros & Reeboks while climbing trees
3)   Twister is my favorite movie.....I know every word
4)   I secretly love tornados and bad weather but I never want anyone to get hurt or to lose everything - I think it’s more of the thrill of watching it all on tv and getting to run down to my friend’s house when I was younger to hide in the basement
5)   I hunted arrowheads as a kid - I would still love to, I just don’t know where to go!

What can we expect from you in the future?

We are so excited to be launching a line of embroidered tapes in the Spring at High Point!! Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and I’m not having to show printed paper samples...ha - Also still working on outdoor options for our textiles and would love to launch a rug line as well....Oh, and we can’t forget about the clothing line!  It’s a work in progress ;)

Isn't she fabulous?  I absolutely adore everything about her.  Any of her fabrics can be customized in your choice of color which is my absolute favorite thing about Cotton + Quill ... well that and Mary Catherine herself!  I am the lucky owner of the Koi fabric in green which will make a debut in my office next week and I could not be more excited.  And did she mention embroidered tapes?  I see these in my future ...  maybe on the master drapes?  Oh ... I can't wait to see them! 

Make sure you follow Mary Catherine on Instagram ~ @cottonandquill.  Her feed is amazing and you get a glimpse at the many amazing things she creates.  I am absolutely in love with her collaborations!  

Hope you enjoyed our girl talk!


  1. I was already following on IG and loved the look but now I love it more because she's so cute! And that wallpaper collaboration with EJM?? Bamboo and pink and flamingos. Trifecta!!
    Very fun series!

  2. Gotta love all the eye candy Mary Catherine brings! Sending her a big old War Eagle from an Auburn Alum!!!

  3. So fun chatting with you dearie!! See you soon!!



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