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My name is Paige and I am addicted to monograms. 

You can sit next to me in the MA (monogrammers annonymous) meeting.  I will gladly save you a seat.  

I am not even sure when my love affair with monograms started.  I remember as a small child looking for my name in every gift shop in every town we visited.  Remember, they would have barrettes, mini license plates, pencils ... every single thing had preprinted names on it.  And mine was never available.  My grandmother had many things with her monogram on them and I absolutely love them all.  She had a great monogram ... mCc and the best part about it was that it was the same her whole life.  She was Marguerite Claire Cemino when she was single and Marguerite Claire Congdon married.  How lucky was she?

 I own so many monogrammed items it would frighten most people.  But ... to me its pure bliss.  Sitting here at my desk in the study I see a monogrammed pad, a monogrammed mouse pad, 2 monogrammed pillows, a monogrammed candle and my pj pants are monogrammed.  I told you ... perfect candidate for MA.

My favorite go to monogram items may be napkins, candles and glasses!  I love to entertain, even if that means a few friends over for a cheese plate and wine.  And how fun is it to pull out monogrammed items for serving.  I get asked quite often where I find my favorite items so I thought I would share my favorite sources with you.

Emily McCarthy ~ the guru of all things custom monogrammed! 

I own more than a few EMc items but my favorites are her napkins, gift tags and bar ware.  Her custom bamboo monogram is absolutely the best.  Every single time I use my cocktail napkins someone asks me where I found them.  I own the green with the bamboo monogram (pic above) and the white with the 2 letter interlocking monogram.  You can't go wrong with either choice.

She just launched these and I am dying to add them to my collection.  Dying ... It would make carpool so much fancier ... yes??

Emily is the artist behind my business cards and the design inspiration behind the blog redesign.  I love the gold, pink and bamboo elements.  And the square ... #yesplease!  I get so many comments on my cards and I owe it all to her amazing eye!

Number Four Eleven ~ your one stop shop for vintage monograms!

Since I owned a monogram business for about six years I grew tired of the same old options.  When my friend Skipper talked about purchasing a custom monogram I was instantly hooked.  Custom?  I could chose?  And design?  Oh ... YES!!!  Number Four Eleven in Savannah, Georgia has an amazing collection of vintage and antique monograms to chose from which can be digitized and then used for both embroidery and vinyl.  I purchased mine last April and have used the heck out of it.  I have a few items that need to be shipped to them for embroidery for our master bedroom.  I am dying to get our euro shams finished.  

A custom monogram will run you about $200 or so ... but if you are a monogram addict like myself it will be worth every single cent you spend.

Moon & Lola ~ monogrammed jewelry for days!

I absolutely love Moon & Lola.  Kelly is precious and funny and her talent seems to know no bounds.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and the rest of the Moon & Lola girls in NYC and this made my affinity for the company so much greater.  They sell so many amazing things but I will limit my selections to just two.

I have worn the heck out of this amazing necklace since it arrived two weeks ago.  I have worn it by itself and also paired with long strands of pearls.  It is by far my new favorite item.  I chose the circle monogram instead of the script ... my monogram just looks better in circle.  And of course I chose tortoise ... it goes with everything!

I also own this bangle ... also in tortoise.  I own a lot of tortoise ... maybe I need two support groups.  I also have worn this by itself and with my favorite Stella & Dot renegade cluster bracelet.  If I hadn't purchased the tortoise I was headed for the crystal one ... which would have been another great choice for me.  Talk about going with everything!!

Color Links ~ darling monogrammed gifts!

Anne has the best Etsy shop.  I just love so many of her items.  Of course since I am a monogram addict I tend to give monogram items as gifts.  It just is what it is.  I am a new follower of Anne's and since I am not spending for lent I will share with you my favorite items of hers that will be slowly purchased once Easter comes.  

Monogrammed chinoiserie?  OH YES!!!!  The hubs thinks I need cups for the master bedroom Keurig that stay upstairs and I couldn't agree more. Two of these in turquoise?  Oh yes, they would be perfect!!  And if you are reading today sweet hubs ... I linked the cups for you for easy Easter purchasing!

This is darling!  If I could I would order one of these for every bestie's Easter basket.  Aren't they amazing??  I love the monogram but the pom pom border just throws it right over the top for me.  I love they can be used to make gift tags as well.  Yep, I am sold on this product for sure!

In my humble opinion ... every thing is made better with a monogram.  It shows time was taken, thought was put into it and of course ... it's purely the southern way!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I"m not sure if my comment went through so I will try again. Forgive me if this is a duplicate.
    I will sit next toyou at the support group meeting, because I too love a good monogram. As I write this I am waiting for shirts to come back from the local shop I use. My boys are both going to be in monogrammed shirts for Easter. The 3 year old will have a white short sleeve button-up with a mongrammed pocket to match his green and blue bow tie from Nordstroms. My 13 year old will have a blue polo (the same blue) with a green monogram on it to match his brother's outfit. I can't wait! I love all of the great resources you shared. We addicts have to share our sources :-)

  2. I'll be right next to you in that meeting!! In fact I posted about my love of personalizing everything today, too. Dying over the bamboo and chinoiserie mug!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun meeting that would be! lol could you share where you got your gingham shirt...that's another addiction of mine!

    1. This pink one is from the Vineyard Vines outlet! xo

  4. I can be your monogram drug dealer.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.



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