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Girl Talk ... The Fancy Ashley

I am very excited about my new series, Girl Talk.  There are so many amazing bloggers, designers and people I am dying to get to chat with and learn more about their lives.  If I could invite them over for drinks and apps I would ... but since that isn't always doable, I have decided to interview them and just pretend we are sharing champs and curled up in chairs for some Girl Talk!

My first in the series is some quality time with my sweet friend Ashley of Fancy Ashley.  If she was local I would invite her over for champagne cocktails and some quality time and love each and every second!  I just love her!  We would spend our days dreaming up projects and DIYs to complete.  Since she lives in Texas and we aren't the neighbors we so wish to be, we are limited to daily text chats and giggles over the long distance.  Ashley is adorable.  She is funny, stylish and lives life to the fullest.  She loves glitter and pink and anything that shines!  She and her husband are parents to two darling littles, the little presidents.   And she is the amazing voice behind a hugely successful blog Fancy Ashley.  

There are so many things I was dying to ask Ashley for our Girl Talk ... and she obliged me each and every question!

Girl Talk with Fancy Ashley ~

How did Fancy Ashley begin ... what made you decide to be a lifestyle blogger?

Good question!  I starting a running blog, then a blog about the little presidents and then decided I wanted it to focus more on me and my life and our lifestyle, as opposed to just the kids, which is how it transformed into a lifestyle blog.  Life and style blogger was something I knew would be a perfect fit for me and I have loved it every step of the way!  It's been really fun to watch my site and brand change over the years.  I feel like we are constantly evolving as people and it's neat to watch my brand reflect that as well.  

What is your favorite blog topic?

That's a tough one.  I would say my favorite blog topic would be fashion or beauty related.  I love to share my DIY projects and snippets of our life as well.  I really love sharing my "fancy finds" with my readers, as well.  Whether that is fashion related, kid related, house related, etc.  I just love to share my favorite things with people!

What would you say is the post or posts most read on your blog?

It kind of depends.  There a few fashion related and few "deeper" posts that are my most read.  I did a post recently about our move to Texas and gave a one year update.  While it can be hard to pour all my feelings out there, it is really amazing to read the comments and emails from other people who are going or have gone through the same thing.  I think we all find encouragement in each other at times, which is why I have always shared the good and the bad.  This move was not bad, but it was and isn't easy and I just gave my honest feelings about it.  People can relate and I love that.  Working from home or being a stay at home mom, you can feel isolated at times, I love how blogging changes that aspect.  I have made some great friends through blogging and social media. 

What questions do you get asked most often?

Lots of people want to know what kind of floors we have.  I did a blog post, here, with all the details.  People are also interested in why we call our kids the little presidents.  Both of them were named after great presidents.  It's a pretty simple explanation, but it's been funny to read people's thoughts on why we call them that.  Some think we are hoping they'll be presidents someday.  While that would be great if that was their ambition, their nickname comes solely from the fact that they are named after Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.  One of my Instagram followers made up the #reaganforprez hashtag a few years ago for Reagan and it stuck.  Teddy had another one for a while with a saying that he used to use, but other people started using the tag as well, so he is now #teddyforprez!

What projects are you currently working on ... and what can we expect next?

I have lots of fun things coming up this spring!  I have partnered with a few of my favorite brands and stores to bring my readers some really great content for spring and summer.  I'm super excited about all of it.  I hope to bring even more fashion and outfit posts to my site this year as well!

What did you do before kids?  Work?

My degree is in Television Production and Broadcast Journalism.  I still think I would like to get back into this field someday.  We shall see ... 

The little presidents are so darn cute!  Plans for any more babies?

Thank you!  We are so blessed.  We are finished ... for now ... 

My favorite trip you took was to Hawaii last year!  Tell me more about your trip.  What are your five must dos and must sees?

I love vacationing, but I will say, I am not a do do do person on vacay.  I am a lay on the beach, sip my cocktail, read as many books as I can and play with the fam bam.  We really don't do much but hang at the beach and the pool.  Because life is so scheduled and hectic, I never want our vacations to feel like that.  The only thing we schedule are massages, the luau and a few dinners out and since having the little presidents, we don't even do dinners out that much because they are so exhausted by the end of the day.  We did do a character breakfast at the Disney resort and it was super fun and the kids enjoyed it!  I'm sure we will probably do it again next time we go.  The main goals of vacay for us is to spend time together and relax and we seem to have that down.  The little presidents ask weekly when our next trip to Hawaii is. I'm ready for one!!!

What are five things only those closest to you would know?

1.  I read really fast!  And if I am enjoying a book, I have been known to stay up all night reading.
2.  I am terrified of spiders.  I check my bed and pillowcases each night for them.  If there is a spider in our house, I won't be able to sleep until it has been removed.  I had one in my washing machine and I had to have the exterminator take the towels out for me.  I'm sure I'm his favorite customer!  Ha!
3.  I don't do things in moderation.  I will listen to the same song on repeat until I "kill" stand can't listen to it anymore.  I do this with restaurants, recipes, etc.  When I love something, I love it big time!
4.  If you are a family member or friend of mine, I always have your back ... ALWAYS!!!
5.  Frasier is one of my favorite shows.  I watch it each night in bed.  I watch seasons 1-11 on DVD on repeat.  I have been doing this for 9 years now. 

What are your five must haves?

1.  Coffee.  Starbucks French Roast is my jam. 
2.  Pink lipstick and lipgloss.  I always wear pink.
3.  Backup camera.  I couldn't live without this thing!
4.  Capri Blue Candles in Volcano scent.  I always have these burning in our casa!
5.  Sauvignon Blanc (in a glitter wine glass)!

I will say it again ... I just love her!  She is sassy and fun and would make the perfect neighbor!  If only we weren't states away from each other!  You are a precious friend Ashley, and I adore you!!

Hope you enjoyed our girl talk!

If you don't read her blog ... start!  If you don't follow her on Instagram, do so @thefancyashley.  Those littles alone are worth your time!  


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