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The Pink Room

the pink room at Christmas

I absolutely love our dining room.  I love the color and I love the furniture in the room.  It is one of my favorite rooms in our house.  But ... It isn't finished.  

I know ... are things truly ever done?

But this room is this close.  Just some final decisions and I get to cross dining room off the master list!  Truly just some tweaks ... that is all. 

Let's take it one picture at a time and I will give you the details of the changes on the horizon. 

the pink room at Christmas

1.  The ceiling.  It needs something.  Either wallpaper or paint or paint and fretwork detail.  Still working on this decision.

2.  The blue and white pieces will move into the den.  I buy what I like and since I buy it again and again moving things from one room to another is not an issue. 

3.  Chairs ... the side chairs will be white and the end chairs will move into the study to be used at the desk.  The chairs will be covered in this amazing Quadrille with hot pink trim.  I love it.  And if the room needs to be a darker pink to make it work, I am on board for making that happen, too!

4.  The chair rail is coming off.  Paint floor to ceiling.

5.  I am considering changing the yellow in the chandelier to turquoise.  I love how the turquoise pops instead of the yellow which seems to be lost in the pic above with the French piece in the background. 

the pink room at Christmas

6.  Lucite rods for the panels.  I absolutely love those silk drapes and they will stay.  Just a upgraded rod.  I love this tutorial by A Storied Style.  And with her tips on brackets and rings ... I like how affordable it will be. 

7.  His and hers chairs.  I have been wanting these for a while and then I spotted the most amazing chairs in the world.  And with the hot pink trim on the side chairs.  BAM!

Yes, the legs will be white.  No biggie!

the pink room at Christmas

8.  I love this mirror but I think the room needs a bigger one.  Something more grand.  And then the Limoges plates can move inside the hutch.  I love those plates and I worry every single day that they will fall off the wall and break. And with a larger mirror I won't need the plates.  Check, check.

This baby is 32" by 55" and will fit the space perfectly.  And painted gold it may be the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

9.  The space between the windows needs to be changed, yet again.  I like what is there but I think it has the potential to be something better.  It will probably end up being a plate display since the plates are moving from the hutch area.  I will decide that when everything else is done. 

I am thrilled with this plan.   A few tweaks and then I start work.  I have a One Room Challenge coming up in April and it will be either the kitchen or the powder room.  I really want to take on the kitchen but I also have a full few months and graduation is the end of May so I don't want to take on more than I need and the kitchen needs my full focus.  Oh yes, and $$$.  That may wait until October!

For now I am super excited about the dining room. The pink room is getting a slight upgrade.

And she will be AMAZE!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the idea of the darker pink wall color as I think it will tie in nicely with your gorgeous buffalo check drapes. And, I too think the chandy would stand out more in aqua and be a nice touch. Cannot wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. Love it all!! Where is the fab mirror from??

  3. I love it all though I think the room looks fabulous with a chair rail. I like the idea of a turquoise chandelier.

  4. I also have a pink dining room and have had it for more than 20 years - everyone at the table looks great in a pink room with candlelight and the chandelier dimmed to low! Can I make a color suggestion? "Cecil Pink" from Ralph Lauren is a deeper color that looks wonderful year-round. And I agree with the turquoise chandelier as a way to introduce another color into the palette. Then it will be so easy to add more accessories in that color. I also recommend "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint" if you are doing all this painting yourself - so easy to use and it gives a depth to whatever color you choose. Good luck and you know that all of us will be watching!

  5. I love your pink room! How bout leaving the chair rail and painting it the deeper pink? I definitely think that wonderful Chandy would look great in turquoise. Can't wait to see the finished details!

  6. Just came home from a night with close friends, all of our sons are freshmen in college, and checked out your blog, as always!!! No, no room is ever done. Spent most (10 hrs.) of yesterday - snow day in CT - changing things out, curtains, objects from one room to another - looking for perfection! Then made my husband, after he had a long day of doing truly "important" things look at everthing I had done!! LOL!!! Again, LOVE your blog, wish you were my neighbor! We would have FUN!!!

  7. Love this room! Love the darker pink ideas and the turquoise light! And black! More black could be cool right? Gold mirror?! Love and the fretwork on the ceiling is an amaze idea!

  8. Oh my!! This room is just fabulous!! I am SO envious!!
    I love the idea of the his/her chairs and switching the chandelier to turquoise!

  9. Love your ideas for the room and I agree- I can never get a room finished. I think if 1 room in my house was totally and completely finished I would stand on my front porch and sing the halleluia chorus :)))

  10. Turquoise on the chandelier would be perfect! Love all your new plans.

  11. I definitely would leave the chair rail,and also love the chandelier being painted turquoise! The room will be amazing!! Love your blog so much!!



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