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Inspiration du jour ... #weekend

Wow ... what an incredible weekend.  To say I am exhausted would really be an understatement, but fun times equal sleepy weeks.  I had such a full four days and can't wait to share it all with you today!  I say it all the time ... I truly am blessed!
 The weekend began for me on Thursday evening when I headed out for a girls night with two dear friends.  I absolutely love these girls ... they make me laugh, they are best friends and finish each others sentences and they are gorgeous to boot!  It was the most perfect way to start the weekend.  Good food, yummy drinks and lots of laughter!  I just adore these girls!

One of the last purchases I made was at the Kate Spade Madison Ave store.  And I scored some amazing things.  This top is at the top of that list.  I just looove a good white shirt and this one with its amazing details ... #yesplease!

Paired with a Target cardi, pearls for days and my new favorite monogram necklace.  Dark skinny jeans and booties.  I was loving how it all came together.  

Our evening was so fun and I came home with a full heart and aching stomach muscles from all the laughter.  I would call that a win, win.

Friday was another fabulous evening.  My dear friend Lee just turned 50 and we gathered to give her a fabulous evening.  We told her to wear all white, as we would be doing the same.  Or ... not!  That would be her in all white looking amazing.  What a fun evening of more laughter, more amazing food and a fun champagne bar.  

I recreated this from our girls weekend and once again, it was a huge hit.  All three cocktails are delish ... but I am partial to either the Classic Champagne or the Gingerly Fizz.  If you have never tried Canton French Ginger Liqueur you are missing out.  Not only is the bottle gorge but it is delish!  I have tried it a number of ways in the past weeks and they are all good.

How can you go wrong with champagne?  

Saturday was another big day for us ... PROM!  I was concerned all week about the weather since it had been raining and a little chilly.  Saturday morning I was greeted with blue skies and sunshine.  One of two reasons I needed dark glasses.  

They were gorgeous.  Her dress was show stopping and of course I am a sucker for a classic all black and white tux!

Amazing kids.  Truly amazing!

And Little Bit was beside herself that her brother not only took a picture with her but hugged her ... and smiled.  Clearly we have the special event and the girlfriend to thank for these mile stones!

Just the most amazing evening for all.  I love that he greeted me the next day and said ... "We had so much fun Mom.  It was the best time.  Both of us ... we really just had the best time."

Precious, precious boy ... and we are inching closer to graduation and my tears are in constant flow.  It is so hard to watch your babies grow.

After the limo pulled away we gathered at friends for a prom of our own.  Porch sitting. yummy eats and the best cosmos I may have ever drank.  Absolutely just the most fun!  It put me in the mood for summer evenings on the porch with laughter, great music and friends making memories.  I may not be ready to watch my baby graduate but I am always ready for summer!

Hope your weekend was grand ... I am dragging today, but great weekends with fun memories is the best kind of exhausted.


  1. What a fabulous weekend! Your son looked so handsome in his tux, and what a beautiful girl his date is!! My #1 chaperoned prom this weekend (boy do I feel old).

  2. Can you tell me what kind of spray paint you use on wooden furniture?



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