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Lettuce ware love ...

I was sourcing dinnerware last night and decided to check out the lettuce ware collection available from Tory Burch ... And my heart practically stopped!  

I had seen the promo pictures in the PR release, but I hadn't researched the actual pieces available for sale.  And once I started I couldn't stop looking.  And then wanting.  And then the wanting turned to party planning in my head.  I mean ... I just couldn't stop!

I have a dish obsession ... and we can pretend for a moment its my only obsession.  

Don't you love the perfect color of green?  And the round shape?  I absolutely love how they look stacked.  Oh who am I kidding ... I love them stacked, laid out or even displayed.  Heck ... I might even eat meat off of them I love them so much!

Just kidding ...  

Those coffee cups are just too fabulous.  I am absolutely positive my coffee would taste better out of those cups.  And my hot tea ... and I wouldn't even use them to eat cereal and oatmeal like I do out of the mugs I currently own.  


I honestly don't know which piece is my favorite ... maybe the salad plates which would be amazing stacked on my Blue Willow plates.  

Or the canapes ... which are just darling!

And how can you go wrong with that dinner plate?!?

This stacked photo ... I absolutely drooled over it all over my phone yesterday.  And I mean drooled.  As in had to get out a wipe and clean the phone off from all of my drooling!

Is it just me or does green just make everything new and clean?  This collection is the perfect color for spring.  It reminds me of the green that shows up in my yard and my pots when spring is here and the new plantings have sprung up after days and days of rain.  It is a happy color full of possibilities.

These plates are absolutely the perfect green.

As I was pinning these amazing pictures from Pinterest this morning I stumbled on this recipe from the Tory Burch website. 

And of course, the party planning in my head started again.

My precious friend Natalie is coming in a few weeks and I see a dinner party in our future.  It will be just the push I need to get the changes in the dining room done. 

Now ... which lettuce ware plates to purchase since I clearly can not order them all.



Well done Tory Burch ... well done!

(All images from and my green board on Pinterest)

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