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Random Thoughts ... #31215

Am I right?  Can I get an AMEN?!?

I would love to own a copy of this book.  I have a diet book from the 60's which makes me giggle every single time I look at the entries.  

Speaking of Tory Burch, her announcement on Tuesday that she was collaborating with Dodie Thayer is amazing.  I absolutely love Thayer's Lettuce Ware designs and have coveted them for years with my own collection of reproductions.  Looks like I will have the opportunity to get some of the real designs to add to my plate hoarding collection. 

So ... interesting little note.  While I was researching the Thayer-Burch story the hubs checks out what I am reading and says ... "Dodie Thayer .. I know her.  She was a DuBois and grew up with Dad. When I was a kid we had some of her plates.  I always thought they were ugly."  And my heart stopped.  I couldn't even process the fact that he thought they were ugly, I was too busy trying to find out if my precious father in law knew what happened to the Lettuce Ware.  There is something in the water in Jupiter, Florida.  Magical, special and precious people from that area! 

Sherry Hart posted about the upcoming ASO Showhouse this week.  Of course, I am dying for it to open to see another Parker Kennedy Living room.  And if you don't know Sherry, get to know her.  She is gorgeous and funny and so talented!!

Have you seen these bar glasses?  I absolutely love every single thing Emily McCarthy creates and these are just as fabulous.  I was lucky to receive a set as a gift from sweet Emily and my bar absolutely looks amazing with the glasses!

I need these shoes!  Absolutely NEED them!

This DIY is on my radar.  I love orchids but I have a black thumb.  Actually I just need Mallory to make me one and I can pay her.  That is my favorite idea.

I love a bloody mary.  Love them!  And the more stuff you can shove in the glass, the better.  Lunch and a drink ... perfect!

I love Gray Malin. His work just makes me happy!  This new series may be one of my faves.  I would love the first one framed in the den!

And since I just referenced that last random thought from Mackenzie Horan's blog ... let's discuss her.  She is darling and smart and I read her blog every single day!  Can I please buy an invite to her blogger lunch?  I could save up and then dish on all its fabulousness!  Seriously ... love her and her precious shop!

Happy Thursday!  I am off to finish painting those spots I am showing off on Insta ... 


  1. Oh my word, that is too funny about your hubby's comment. Hopefully you FIL knows where those dishes are!!

  2. Just a few random responses from me:
    1. men never truly appreciate lettuce ware.
    2.the orchids at TJ are pretty reasonable so you don't feel so bad when they go toes up. I may or may not know this from personal experience.
    3. if you go back to Tybee anytime soon the Bloody Mary at AJ's Dockside is slam full of stuff
    4.Gray Malin is now on Sperry's!!! I've drooled over his beach shots for ages. Shoes may be as close as I get
    5. I absolutely cannot wait to see the after of whatever is going on with those spots on IG

  3. Love, love, love lettuce ware too! And as for the orchids I always buy mine from ikea..$9.99 and I can get a month out of one plant. I've never been able to get one to rebloom so I just toss yhem once the last bud falls off.

  4. hahaha I will make you one any time sweet friend!!! xo



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