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The Laundry Room ...

Oh, the laundry room.  The dreaded place of dirty laundry and never ending chores.  Seriously?  Doesn't every person dread this room?  

But why does it have to be dreaded ... it should be fabulous!  In my opinion it should be one of the most amazing rooms in the house.  It should be both functional and pretty.  It should be a room we want to spend time in instead of dreading it.  Right?

Ours is good ... but could be GREAT with some tweaking.  And , BTW ... the hubs hates that phrase "with some tweaking", he thinks that is just my way of saying it all needs to change.  In some instances yes, but in this case ... no!  Just a few tweaks!

For me the room needs the following ~

Lacquered cabinets 
Brass hardware & hooks 
Storage for laundry baskets
Window treatment

See ... just some tweaks!

This would be paired with brass ... green and medium pink! 

This would be paired with brass, mint green and pale pink.

They are both amazing papers and to die for in person!  And who doesn't love Rifle paper company?  They are the cutest couple with the most amazing paper items!

Both options would include painting the ceiling, lacquering the cabinets and replacing the vintage chandelier with a brass sputnik.

Isn't that sputnik just everything?  I am dying to get my hands on one!

For the Persimmon Poppy paper I see green cabinets and a pale pink ceiling to match the pink in the paper ... but just at maybe 50%.  Brass hardware and brass coat hooks for the mud room wall.  

For the Pineapple Mint I see pink lacquered cabinets and a mint ceiling.  I love the mint color of the paper, though I would say the actual color is stronger than mint and the ceiling should probably be at 50% as well.  Brass hardware and brass coat hooks for the mud room wall. 

How can you go wrong with lacquer?  This is to die for ... swoon worthy!  I promise you with cabinets like these I would want to sleep in my laundry room!

And the window?

I am thinking either the Two Step or the Wide Scallop, covered in a solid fabric and monogrammed!

When doesn't a monogram work?

What do you think?  Which paper do you love?  


  1. Love both but feeling the Persimmon Poppy right now!!! I like the word "tweaking"- gives you a lot of wiggle room LOL

  2. I used to hate it when everything is cramped and stacked piled up high on top of each other. It was an absolute mess but after doing some major rework, this is my "hiding" place. Plus I get to enjoy a cup of tea while people watching from the window as I wait for the laundry to finish.



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