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Inspiration du Jour ... #monogramedflatware

As we celebrated with Easter dinner on Saturday night (we left Sunday for vacay!!) I pulled out some silver platters to use and watched the sweet hubs polish them up.  There is nothing more that boy loves than to polish silver ... lucky me.  As I watched him polish platters and silver serving pieces I started thinking about how exciting it is to have his family's monogrammed sterling pieces.

 We inherited his grandmother White's family pieces when his parents downsized about six years ago.  Now that his mother has passed it is incredibly special to me that we own her mother's sterling collection.  All of the pieces are monogrammed in her maiden name and were a gift to her as her dowry when she was a debutante.  What a gift!  

We have her sterling silver flatware and its original box, a large carving tray, her family napkin ring and two matching smaller sterling trays for serving hors d'oeuvres.  They are amazing and so special to both of us.  The hubs is the one of three boys and I was very lucky to be able to chose this collection when they downsized.  It is not only beautiful but so special to both of us.  

And of course, her KMD monogram sparks many conversations when we entertain.  

Do you have "hand me downs" that are special to you?  Look at these amazing pieces I located to share today ~ 

If I have inspired you and you would like to start your own collection ... I hopped over to Etsy to see what was available.  After searching "monogrammed silver flatware" I discovered there were 872 entries.  

How exciting ... now maybe I should limit my search to "MH" to start a collection for my Little Bit just in case she decides that grandmother White's collection is not to her liking!  She does have two brothers to battle for it ... 

Happy Monday ... 

1 comment:

  1. I adore my grandparents monogrammed silver cutlery. I really need to use it more. It is such a special thing to have. Almost as special as a hubby who will polish silver!



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