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Votes please + a happy for you!

Happy Friday!!
Wow.  What a week.  If you read on Instagram the hubs cancelled his weekly trip to stay home with me and it was just what this mama needed.   I had hit the wall.  Actually probably made a huge whole in it with my banging head.  I was just done.  My life just seems to run so much smoother with him home.  Even if he is just here and breathing I feel so much better.  But ... he has worked his tail off helping me with the house, the kids and doing his work.  He gets a huge confetti party and a trip away next week!

Well, we were already leaving ... but I will say it is all for him!


I need some help with a decision ... and I am leaving it up to you to vote!

I shared last week that I am having trouble deciding which fabric to use to cover my den lamps.  Here they are as they currently sit.  And I have two choices for you and visuals for both!  And which ever style gets the most votes is the fabric I will choose.  Yes, I am leaving it up to you, but I am picking two that will work perfectly!



Comment and leave me your thoughts.  I love both and just can not decide!!  I am excited to see which one you pick.

So many of you asked for a tutorial on how I make my shades.  Since I am selling them I really can't make a tutorial for you ... and I know that was not your favorite news.  Honestly ... I hated to have to share it knowing it would not be your favorite thought.  But ... but I have a happy for you!!!  

I have found a tutorial for you!

And it's a good one.  

Some tips ... covering shades is all about trial and error.  It isn't easy but it is totally worth it.  If you decide it is more than you want to take on ... I am making them.  I have three listings on Etsy and I am offering a 20% coupon for my readers.  Simply convo me and let me know which listing you would like and I will set up a custom listing just for you!

I have them listed as ~ 

LABOR ONLY ... you ship me your shades and your fabric - One shade & a pair of shades

Happy weekend loves!


  1. I like the green, but quite honestly, everything you do is fabulous! So glad to hear you are on the up and up. How wonderful Hubby was able to stay! Enjoy next week!

  2. Gonna stick with my original thoughts and that is the turquoise buffalo check. I think there is already a lot of green going no in the room and it pulls in the turquoise from the other room nicely. Enjoy your week, and have a blessed Easter!!

  3. Glad you're feeling better and hope you have a fabulous trip! I like the turquoise. You are the master at mixing pattern and color.

  4. You're a brave soul to allow readers to make the decision! :) I know, I chose your favorites. I like the turquoise! I think there's enough green, especially with the lamp bases.

    You are incredible with your decor so whatever you do, they will be beautiful!

  5. For myself I would go with the green because I am not as fearless as you with color. But I think you should go with the turquoise. It will be fabulous and really pop!! Your home is gorgeous! Happy, healthly, blessed Easter!

  6. I like the green print fabric; does it come in turquoise?



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