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ORC ... Week 4

Welcome to week 4!!  

YES ... FOUR!  As in I should be so much further along.
This week has made me wonder why I think I can take on projects with a busy household.  I literally sat down with a QT large diet Mountain Dew and tried to figure out how I was going to juggle it all and get it done.  Oh the things we schedule for ourselves.  As in ... OMG, what was I thinking?  And then I realize that it isn't supposed to easy but incredibly productive.  Right Linda?

Yep ... freaking out but powering on.  I seem to recall last time I freaked out for a solid week and then all fell into place.  So ... I am keeping the faith!

If you need to catch up you can read up on week 1, week 2 and week 3.  I am in the process of transforming our laundry room from just a room I close my eyes when I pass to a room I actually want to use daily!

Here is the vision board ~

Ok ... This week saw a lot of progress.  I am now able to cross things off the to do list.  

And I am a girl who loves to Sharpie things off my list.

My plan:
1.  Crown molding on ceiling
2.  Bamboo chandy
3.  Lacquer/High Gloss cabinets
4.  Remove the dreaded utility sink
5.  Fabulous window treatment
6.  Remove door for extra space
7.  Mud room area
8.  Wallpaper two walls
9. Rug
10.  Bench for seating and shoe storage
11.  Paint ceiling
12.  Manage dog food
13.  Manage cleaning supplies
14.  Hardware and hinges for cabinets
15.  Frame art from Chez V
16.  Order art from The Pink Pagoda
17.  Paint wall opposite the window semi-gloss white
18.  Move cabinets to ceiling height
19.  Add second open shelf
20.  Hang art
21.  Clean and style room

The ceiling is pink and the bamboo chandelier is installed!  This is the best picture I could get with the light coming in as it was.  I didn't realize that I got so much natural light in the space until I went to take pictures.  The chandelier is everything I wanted and way more.  Its gold and big and I just love it!

The ceiling is high gloss but the pictures don't show its glory and the true perfect pink color it is.  I love how it just looks so happy up there ... just waiting for wallpaper install day!

 Do you see that space above the cabinets to the right in the picture?  I have asked the handyman to raise the cabinets to get rid of that useless dust collecting space.  Under it I will add another open shelf for cleaning supplies, paper towels and the like.  I am chomping at the bit to get that off my to do list.  My type A self had such a hard time stopping the painting at such an odd line.  I try not to look in that direction. 

Settled on hardware ... a combination of two pieces.  One brass and one painted.  We are going to pretend they are an exact match.

Mud room wall built ins in progress.  They are coming along better than I hoped considering I am the handyman on this project.  I may have injured myself once, okay, twice yesterday ... but after a call to the BFF and the Hubs I was back on track and got an extra set of hands to get the large sheet installed.  

The hubs lovingly finished his mid morning conference call and came home to help me get the large sheet hung after it fell and hit me on the head while I was painting.  

It seems I am not the boy I am pretending to be this week.  I can't install a 4 x 8 sheet of anything by myself.  I know have the bruise on my forehead to prove it.  He was slammed with calls all afternoon and was not able to help me hold the cross piece to install the middle hook section in time for pics ... but I had to be patient.  I mean, he is home this week (huge shocker) and he was able to leave work to help me (huge blessing) and he did show up with Ice Tea in hand (huge love).  So I am ok with that. 

Can you just see it all coming together?  Squint and you can see a bench in that last pic!!

Love the hooks.  I am so pleased with how they look and how they with hold all of those things that now get dropped in the back hall and on my kitchen table. 

Oh, and if you forget to paint the screws, never fear.  You can just use a gold leaf paint pen to touch up those babies.  Yes, I own one and use it proudly on this project. 

A huge surprise yesterday afternoon when the darling Dana Mahnke contacted me to offer one of her precious dog bowls for the room.  Her work is amazing and these dog bowls and treat jars might be at the top of my list of the most darling things ever.  I was thrilled to say yes and she is personalizing to ship next week.  

Aren't they darling?  And what an amazing gift for a friend who just adopted a pet?  I have a precious bestie who is bringing home her first puppy this summer.  And I set a dog bowl and treat jar in her future!

You must visit Dana's Etsy shop ... her ornaments and hand paintings are amazing.  And please share with her that I sent you.  I would love for her to know how precious she is to me!

Thank you so much for weighing in yesterday with the window treatments!  I have heard you and am absolutely going with Option 4.  I was leaning that way anyway, but all of your comments and emails sealed the deal!

And I am adding fun trim from Option 3 and I think it will be amazing!!

It's coming along loves!!

Next week the crown gets installed, the cabinets move and the wallpaper goes in and then it should be smooth sailing from there.  I said should ... so she I am completely keeping the faith!  Today I finish the bench and I can't wait to have that behind me.  I absolutely love all the space I have gained with removing the door and changing up the wall area.  

This will be one fabulous and functional room!  #EEK

For now follow along with me on Instagram and of course check out the amazing progress of the Wednesday crew and my fellow linking partners in the Thursday crew!

See you next week!


  1. Oooooh Paige I am loving the direction you are taking this room!! The pink ceiling, new light, and especially the beadboard installed by you and your sweet tea bearing husband - all so fabulous! You might end up hosting cocktail parties in this room when the ORC is's going to be so gorgeous!

  2. Wow! What an excellent plan you have for this room! I anxiously await :-).

  3. This is so exciting!! There might be nothing I love better than a functional room that is beautiful, and this is that in spades! Sending you lots of good wishes for the next two weeks. Love love love every single bit of your plan! :)

  4. Yes, it is definitely a challenge! You are the ORC Queen....I know you can do this.

  5. That bead board and hooks wall looks beautiful (sorry about the bump on the head though... battle wound). Everything looks like it's coming along nicely.

  6. This is going to be fab!!! Here's to powering through! I'm not nearly as far along on my ORC room either. I can't wait to see yours come together!!!!


  7. Ooh, it all looks so good! I've loved that chandy for a while. It's fabulous! The doggy bowls are precious and I can't wait to see the artwork. Your handy work is amazing. No way could I pull that off! Can't wait to see your progress next week

  8. That chandy... Love your storage wall, that will be the hardest working spot in your home, I bet! That dog bowl is darling, you're going to have one spoiled pup for sure! ;)

  9. I love the progress!! that ceiling!!! And thanks for the tip on that cute etsy store!!

  10. The chandelier with the pink ceiling is lovely, and I bet it casts great lighting, making washing clothes a little more glamorous. Those dog bowls are beyond precious--will be sure to look at the Etsy shop!

  11. This is the hardest working in every home and now yours will be not only be a pleasure to work in but one with great visuals - every little bit helps! And I have already saved Dana's website for my next doggie girl's food bowls - thanks for that!

  12. LOVE that light... cant wait for the window treatments!

  13. Oh wow, I love everything. The chandy is gorgeous and how fun to have a pink ceiling. This is going to be one amazing laundry room.

  14. I can't believe all this goodness is going to a Laundry room! So chic!

  15. Those dog bowls! OMG right? I mean they were made for you....and that pink ceiling! Go girl:)

  16. You made me laugh with your injuries ... I truly hope they didn't hurt too much ... because it looks like the outcome is going to be way worth the bruises!! Happy Space!

  17. Woo hoo you are making things happen! This is going to be one amazing laundry room!
    Tricia @ Suburban Bitches

  18. It looks amazing!!!!! And I'm going to have to get one of those dog bowls. Did I just write that?????? Love you P. xoxooxoxoxoooxxx



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