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Blue + White = Bliss

As I have said so many times before ... blue and white is simply bliss for me.  It's classic, timeless and just the simplicity of the two colors together makes me happy.  And you can't beat the classic color of the blue ... its a perfect shade between navy and royal.  So vibrant and full of life. 

Walking into our house you can tell I am mad for blue and white, the chest in the foyer contains a blue and white double happiness jar which usually is filled with flowering branches.  Sadly at the moment he is filled with nothing but I assure you I will rectify that immediately.  


Blue and white works the best for me in groups ... and the more the merrier!

This Mary McDonald image was the inspiration I used for our porch renovation last year and the cluster of blue and white on the porch might be my favorite element still.  

Well, that and the blue and white striped couch.  

It works with every single color you mix it with.  Pink, green, baby blue, red and of course, yellow!

Clustered in the kitchen?  #yesplease!  And this amazing blue lacquer for the cabinets has my head spinning.  Maybe this is the pop of color the kitchen needs when the yellow and white wallpaper goes in.  Hmmm ...

Isn't it amazing?

Filling the hallways ... oh yes!  And I am a huge fan of displaying it on shelves.  It breaks up the sea of hanging plates that exists at our house.  One day the hubs counted them all to let me know I might have hung about 20 too many.  

No one asked him ... 

Hanging and gathered below ... even more perfect paired with the hydrangeas.  Don't you agree?

Inside, outside ... its all perfect no matter where you display it.  

And I will tell you ... I love it more on the porch now then I did a year ago when we finished it.  I have even added more blue and white since clearly that buffet needed more!

How is your blue and white collection?  Is it like mine and could always use a few extra pieces?  

Tomorrow at 8 am is the best time to add to your collection.  Our PKL THE CELLAR sale launches tomorrow as the very first Thursday sale and it is packed full of blue and white just for you.  

Hope you will join us ... and until then I will be moving the blue and white porcelain around in my house to create better displays.  These have completely inspired me!

Happy Hump Day!

ps.  It is National Ice Tea day ... so drink more than you would normally!  

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