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National BFF Day

Yesterday was National Best Friend Day!  I am blessed and incredibly lucky to have three best friends and a handful of besties I wouldn't trade you even for a closet full of vintage Kate Spade and a house on Palm Beach. 

I don't have siblings so I truly believe that we are given friends to walk this life with us as our family.  To tell us we are amazing when we fail, to sit with us on the curb when we cry and to tell us that we may have stepped into crazy when the time is necessary.  

Mine do all of those things and so much more.  Unconditional love and I promise you I have received these friends directly from God since I am clearly not worthy of their devotion to me.  Two spanning more than 20 years and one just enough to imprint my heart forever.

Best friends are there for marriages, births, deaths, graduations, weight loss, telling you your jeans fit fine when you know they don't, giggles, too much wine, tears and every single thing in between.  They are there for life. 

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for these friends in my life and if I ever get arrested I promise you I will have one or more of them with me or making a plan for my escape.  

That is just what best friends do!

And I am incredibly blessed!

Dish on your besties ... leave me a comment and tell me everything!  I can't wait to hear I am not the only one who is incredibly blessed!  What is your favorite thing about them and what would they say is the best thing about you!  

Spill it!

1 comment:

  1. Love this Paige. Since I moved A LOT growing up, it was hard for me to keep friends. Crazy thing is at this stage in my life, my BFF, and I have never met face to face. She is a blogging, IG, texting, emailing BFF. What we have found is that we can truly be ourselves, there is nothing in the way. And, this past year we each were each others biggest cheerleaders/prayer warriors, as I faced a cancer scare and her daughter for Hodgkins. God truly does bless us with the friends he knows we need.



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