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Father's Day ...


It was an incredible Father's Day at the Lawyer house!

We spent two days doing all of our daddy's favorite things!

We ate well, we watched movies, we played Scrabble (and he won, of course), we laughed, made fun of his apparent road rage tendencies, and spent a ton of family time just being together.  We tricked him into thinking we were taking him skydiving (which he is deathly afraid of) and then rewarded him with back to back movie tickets.  I think his cup is full after both Avengers and Jurassic World.  At least til next weekend ... 

Being a family for us means a lot of things ... love, support, grace, encouragement and most of all someone always being there and having your back.  Life is hard ... you need a good support system to make it through.

This daddy works incredibly hard and does it most weeks on the west coast.  He rushes home to be with us for only a number of hours each week before flying out again.  And he never once complains about the exhaustion or the travel. 

I should do the same!

Happy Father's Day Lawyer ... we are proud to call you ours!!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. He is definitely a keeper ;-) Sounds like you all had a wonderful time celebrating with him. Love that you all tried to convince him you were taking him skydiving!! LOL



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